Thursday, August 1, 2013



I left my heart...
Yesterday I returned to balmy New York. Somehow it's always a melancholy journey. My heart is rooted in Big Sky Country especially when I leave Frank behind. His garden is flourishing and we feasted on his tomatoes - ripe quite earlier than prior years!
Green with envy
We're excited about landscaping the Money Pit. While in Billings we visited the historic Moss Mansion. We took a leisurely neighborhood stroll to look at turn of the century gardens for inspiration. Searching for plants that will thrive in Montana.
Slowly but surely
The Money Pit is well on it's way to being the home of our dreams. The kitchen counters are in and the new floor has just been stained. Once that's done, they will install the island. Then frame out the windows and finish the crown molding. Finally brother "B" and his team will install the white subway tile on all remaining walls! Don't forget the cabinet knobs and appliances! My hope is the majority will be completed by my next visit late August.
Black box
I absolutely adore our new Butler's Pantry.
This used to be a corner ell of the kitchen.
We've transformed it into a "jewel box"
that lends just the right touch of urbane
elegance to our Montana Manse. We
wanted this transition into the kitchen from
back hall to have some pizazz. With the
ceiling and bar back splash clad in antiqued
mirror I think we will accomplish just that
and more. Talk about creating something
out of nothing... I'll drink to that!
Yes master...
The marble tile is ready to be installed in the Master Bath. While quite decadent, we were practical and went with a man made quartz for the counter top. The last thing I want is to be blamed for a stain or glass ring etched into Carerra!
A feast for the eyes
I finally saw our Dining Room floor for the first time. When the carpet was removed, we were fortunate to discover minimal damage underneath. Now fully repaired and sanded, it's ready for staining! Custom mill work will restore the missing wainscot.
Our guestimate
Upstairs, the guest bath now has a counter. Soon white subway and hexagon tiles will clad the floor and walls. While we still hope to move in late fall, we don't want to rush the process. Quite a massive undertaking, haste might lead to waste!