Friday, July 12, 2013


Double Duty

When Frank and I are together, we're not very social. That's because we truly enjoy each other's company and often that's enough for us. Don't get me wrong, we socialize with friends. However not with the frequency I maintain when he's away. Without my better half I'm lonely so I leverage my time alone. However satisfying a plethora of business and pleasure obligations creates a sudden tsunami of continual social commitments. HELP!

Morning Munch

I rarely meet anybody for early morning fare as I treasure my "me" time. Given my hectic social calendar, I'm usually a tad tired after the prior evening's festivities. Starting my workday quietly with a pot of coffee and some Advil is my preferable approach to recuperation. By Saturday morning I'm ready for some action and lots of lox. Only to be surpassed by a plate of corned beef hash with poached eggs! OH WAITER!

Noontime Nibble

While in theory a workday luncheon is attractive, in reality it's not realistic. Most days I'm lucky to grab a sandwich at my desk or conference table. With a calendar that's packed tight, finding the time to walk to a restaurant let alone dine is virtually impossible. Saturday it's Fred's or Bergdorf's. On Sunday there's nothing better than a light repast, leisurely stroll, and long nap! AFTERNOON DELIGHT!

Happy Hour

Because my calendar is so compressed, my evenings often consist of two different encounters. Cocktails are the perfect venue for a quick check in or touch base. What's best about this magical time is that it's clearly defined by the end of the work day and the start of the dinner hour. Therefore I try to maximize this window of opportunity as much as possible. CHEERS!

Dinner Date

Depending on the company, the end of my day is either beyond fun or slightly tedious. During the season my evenings are often committed to charitable "galas" which are about as celebratory as a wake. Then there are the usual business dinner with vendors, resources, and schmoozers. Tedious duties aside, there's nothing better than sharing and intimate supper with a beloved friend or out of town visitor. BON APPETIT!

Weekend Whirl

After five days of back-to-back entertaining, I'm ready to decompress and hibernate. Most weekends I would prefer to never leave the apartment. Rarely possible, I try to reserve my time for those who were pushed aside during the week. My only salvation is that during the summer most escape the city. Therefore I'm able to relax, restore, and revive myself in preparation for the next week's social merry-go-round! COME BACK SOON FRANK!