Wednesday, July 8, 2020


As luck would have it
One of life's greatest challenges is the basic
unfairness of said cycle. Our existence is in
essence a capricious game of chance. One
where the individual involved has no control
from the very start. Two create a a third (or
several ). The end result of which being the
innocent party. A fragile ingenue who must
rely on the help of others for their survival.
From then on health, happiness, and growth
depends on who, what, where, when, and
how they are raised. Hence our formative
years are little more than a crap shoot. A
gamble where one may win or... lose.
Win some, lose some
My youngest daughter is raising two boys in
Chicago. Every day we receive the latest of
amazing videos, photos, and updates via text.
All chronicling my grandchildren's growth.
Ample proof that said tots are truly blessed
to have parents who not only love them but
are committed to insuring their bright futures.
All as a few blocks or miles away, innocent
children were killed this weekend in random
acts of violence. Hence both life and death
are unfair. With almost insurmountable odds
poised to strike some of us. Therefore some
of us are simply screwed. Life is not fair.
Lucky you...
Somehow we live on. Facing whatever good or
bad comes our way. Some of us being the lucky
recipients of life's largesse. As others are stymied
by the liabilities that nature dealt them. Like it or
not there is a difference between being a white
versus child of color. All the more reason for our
society to over compensate. Offering a fair and
equitable opportunity zone that affords even the
most oppressed of us a fair chance to succeed.
While some may consider such efforts unfair,
they ought to remember from whence they came.
And that said underdog could have just as easily
been YOU. Fair is fair even if you aren't "fair".