Friday, July 24, 2020


Now and then
Modern life is if nothing else a dichotomy.
A tenuous world of extremes. Where one
wonders if anything (anyone) can be relied
upon. All that we know and love seems to
be torn asunder via America's ever growing
schism of change, opinion, and derision.
And yet the ever shifting battleground we
face on a daily basis is perfectly normal.
Like it or not, life goes on. Giving us the
choice to embrace it's evolution or... ignore
it's reality. Recently I have been re-reading
some of my favorite books in my library.
Brushing up on the classics and old friends.
More or less
Currently I'm working my way through
"The Eye Has To Travel" a book on the
life, times, and work of Diana Vreeland.
A renowned fashion editor who changed
lives via the pages of Harper's Bazaar and
Vogue magazine. Even today the images
and ideas inspire. Which is not necessarily
the impact the new issue of Vogue has.
Thinner than a catalog - Frank likened it
to a  "leaflet". And while it is obviously
trying to be "modern" one can't help but
deem it a vestige of times past. Causing
me to dread the end of it's paper trail...
Before & after
So much has changed in the last century. Yet
we all still face the same challenges. One
hundred years ago the average magazine was
at least three hundred pages. Big, glossy, and
colorful tomes full ofnew ideas. As America
had just survived a pandemic. And was ready
to move on. History repeats itself. Today we
are just starting our own Coronavirus crisis.
Hoping that a vaccine will shorten it's tyranny.
As we also search for inspiration. Albeit via
the internet. Hence some things never change.
But rather simply evolve with the ebb and flow
of life itself. Hmm... imagine that.