Wednesday, July 22, 2020

This is a test... only a test...

Risky business
In olden times most being considered for any
corporate leadership role were required to be
tested. Said evaluation theoretically measuring
one's intellectual capabilities. Even if most of
one's ultimate peers rarely exhibited just that.
Long ago I was in the final approval process
for an organization owned by a private equity
firm. So they flew me out to Scottsdale (in the
summer) for an psychological quiz fest. Post
a day of going through the paces I assumed I'd
failed. That is until the "expert" told me that
my performance was better than most and then
some. So... wsa the test itself... a test itself?
Pop up quiz
Put to the test many of us naturally do quite
well. Whereas others fail the same process.
Which seems to be exactly what is happening
in America. Across this great land our leaders
seem incapable of testing, monitoring, and/or
dealing with our Coronavirus crisis. All while
others question whether we should be testing
at all. I don't know about you but I'd love to
know whether I have (or had) Covid 19 or not.
Equally important, whether you or my friends
and neighbors are in fact negative or positive.
Not only would the results afford me peace of
mind. It would help me plan for my future.
Multiple choice
Beyond literal coronavirus testing this pandemic
has been a test of our collective resolve. One in
which some have passed with viral colors. As
others have failed us miserably. Sifting through
events since the beginning of the year it's easy
to see where we went wrong. Which is putting
our trust in elected officials who long ago failed
any leadership test. Hoping that they might rise
to the occasion by ignoring ample proof of their
shortcomings. In the end the ones who are being
tested are we the people. Hence this November
the Presidential election results will be proof of
our performance. Will we pass or fail?