Friday, July 17, 2020


Sooner or later
Why is everybody is such a hurry? In theory
good things come to those who wait. Yet the
majority of us want whatever we desire now.
Pronto. Immediately. Instant gratification is
fine but there also something to be said about
"due time" along with deferred engagement.
Hence in these times of Amazonian speed,
we assume that everything must come our
way by the next day. That is except when you
live in central Montana. Things have sped up
dramatically over the past decade, yet most
locals must patiently wait for our needs to be
fulfilled. Whether we like it or not.
If at first you don't succeed...
It's oft been suggested that haste makes waste.
Which explains why most of America is now
in the midst of an increase in coronavirus cases.
While some claim said increase is a democratic
ruse driven by too much testing - the truth is
some of us didn't follow the rules for reopening.
And while some may attribute any increase in
cases to an overdose of testing, infection rates,
 hospitalizations, and deaths are on the increase.
Meaning that in our rush to return to normalcy
we've only made things worse. Thus many are
going back to Covid 19 square one. Trying to
get it right... this time. If there still is time...
Better late than never
Speed can be thrilling. However one can only
push the envelope so long before they run out
of gas. Fortunately the rules of the road usually
keep us within established guard rails. Which
explains our current problem You see, Trump
our President and his cohorts have refused to
draw a line in our viral overload. Hence all of
us are doing whatever we want. Which is the
perfect way to make mistakes. At some point
we all need to align on a strategy to combat
this threat. Then follow said rules until it's
over and out. Otherwise the worst may happen.
Remember, only fools rush in!