Saturday, July 11, 2020


Have you herd?
Navigating a viral outbreak is awkward enough.
However communication related to who has "it"
and not can be even more uncomfortable. While
some are in denial, others are rebellious, as the
rest of us try to avoid the inevitable. Recently
a friend had a friend tell them "everyone should
just get sick and be over it." Which may be fine
for someone sans complications. Yet for those
even slightly compromised such exposure would
be risky at best. So why do some insist they must
be exceptions to the rules? And that their selfish
indulgence or political statements are thus valid
reasons to infect others. Is that really "liberty"?
Friends with benefits
Recently a rather self satisfied mother invited
a group of kids over for a swim. She needed
something to do with her kids given her nanny
was at home sick. With Covid 19 that is. Thus
she felt said distraction was well worth the risk.
Even worse, said Covid 19 positive nanny's
mom didn't feel it was necessary to share said
news with her cleaning lady. Well... not until
after her house (including the daughter's room)
was clean and all of her dirty linens washed.
Said news requiring the cleaner in question to
inform her other customers. And so on and on
and on. No wonder the experts consider it viral.
It's no or never
At this point we're all sick and tired of being
isolated. So much so that many are willing
to bend the rules. The result being that said
infractions are leading to more infections. So
how does one battle such self-indulgence?
The answer is to just say no. Or to establish
rules prior to engagement. As adult children
are returning home for the hiatus, shouldn't
they be required to take a test before entry?
Just because some believe they're immune
doesn't protect the innocent. When in doubt
ASK those hard questions. And then TELL
everybody who is possibly at risk the truth.