Thursday, July 9, 2020

Where do we go from here?

From bad to worst
At left are the worst Covid 19 global infection
rates (per 1 million residents ) for last week.
Of twenty five listed fifteen of our United
States of America (60%) stack up. The three
worst spots being Arizona, Florida, and South
Carolina. However what's most shocking is
the company we keep. Hence while some may
still claim we're on top, it appears we've fallen
from grace. However viral outbreaks are not
our only failure. Just consider the impact Mr.
Trump's administration has had on our stature
as a world leader. Rather than show the way
we've opted out. Or... simply ignored reality.
Anyplace but here
It's hard to imagine a more rapid decline. Once
respected as a power globally, the United States
now only holds an infectious lead. Even worse,
we (or should I say he) did it to ourselves. From
opting out of the battle against global warming
to building walls at our borders to not so subtle
support of white supremacy. Yet Mr. Trump's
attempts to isolate us had no impact against the
incoming Coronavirus. Nor have his efforts to
ignore the facts made our problems disappear.
Instead, they've gone from bad to worst. Placing
the future of this great country in jeopardy. How
quickly we all fall DOWN... DOWN... DOWN!
Antidote for regress
Is America perched on the edge of extinction?
Or poised on a self correcting era of change
for our collective good? Day by day it seems
that "we the people" have finally reached our
own conclusions. Taking responsibility for the
future of this great nation. Embracing the fact
that each and every one can make a difference.
Rejecting skewed foolishness that only hinders
growth. And while I can't help but laud said
efforts I must protest. Asking myself and the
rest why did it take so long? Must we be in
crisis in order to see the light? Or have we
found a way to make America great again?