Wednesday, July 15, 2020


Back to ghoul?
Every adult accepts the fact that we're damned
if we do and equally damned if we don't. We
all make mistakes. Each and every one of us
must deal with the results of all errors of our
ways. Therefore in most cases, none of us are
innocent parties. With one unique exception...
our children. The primary responsibility of
any adult is to protect, nurture, and educate
the next generation. However as a parent said
onus becomes all the more important. Therein
lies the challenge many parents are facing in
our Coronavirus calamity. During such a viral
pandemic do we send our kids back to school?
All or nothing at all?
Faced with any threat one's natural inclination
is to protect those more vulnerable. Not only
is it the right thing to do - but the preservation
of our future is if nothing else a survival plan.
With few exceptions, the majority of parents
will do anything to keep their children healthy
and safe. Which is why so many parents are
in a quandary. Should they embrace the broad
"back to school" dictums of Betsy Devos, our
secretary of Education? Or go with their gut
and keep their kids safe at home? No wonder
requests for information about homeschooling
has surged. Should we just do it ourselves?!
Educated decision?
Sadly such an educational crisis doesn't impact
our children alone. School teachers, janitors,
and related staff are equally at risk. So why
would anybody purposefully take a deep dive
into such a viral petrie dish? Like it or not, the
odds are against us. So why can't we make an
educated decision? There has to be a method
in all of this madness. Thus a one size fits all
solution won't work. Every state, community,
school, parent, and student must come to their
own conclusion. And at least for the next year
or so be offered a chance to opt out. It's time to
leverage our lessons learned DAMNIT!