Thursday, July 30, 2020


Fever pitch
The very idea that some folks still think the
Coronavirus crisis is a Democrat plot baffles
me. Especially given said virus has spread
across the globe. Denial is all too easy when
based on vaporous conspiracy theories, lies,
rumors, and innuendo. However if Covid 19
suddenly hits you or someone you love it's
a bitch slap of reality. Recently a friend of
a friend had such a brush with karma. Post
months of spewing Trumpish rubbish and
ignoring all the rules said red rightist found
out that her eighty eight year old father had
Covid 19. Killing him just a few days later.
Dead end
Her mournful response being "what an awful
way to learn a lesson." Yet such a realization
in these times of conflict shouldn't come as a
surprise. Sadly anybody with a link to social
media can spout whatever theory that suits
their fancy. However the difference between
gossip and subterfuge becomes all the more
challenging when millions can "like" or latch
onto whatever... whenever. Including Donald
Trump who "shares" Coronavirus theories via
crazies who believe extra terrestrial cells can
be found in most vaccines. Causing if nothing
else undue confusion and at worse... delusion.
Get real
Most of us simply want answers. When a dear
friend fell ill she tried to get a test. Only to be
told that she didn't qualify. This morning my
daughter awoke with aches, chills, and a chest
that felt like a crowd was sitting upon it. She
couldn't breathe. Yet still was forced to suffer
through a convoluted approval process before
scheduling a test the next day. Now she'll wait
three to five days for results. A delay that puts
the patient and her family in limbo. Suddenly
this Coronavirus "hoopla" is all too real. And
the impending test results are not only scary
but might be too late. And how sick is that?!