Thursday, April 27, 2017


Process this...
In my mid-century youth, everyday fare
was boring at best. Back in our house
adventurous dining meant a plate of
canned Spaghetti or Chop Suey. As
I matured so did my palate. Today I'll
eat almost anything that anyone places
before me. That's because looks and
smells can be deceiving. I've learned
that some of the most delicious things
can initially seem quite unappetizing.
Hence in order for your palate to be
blown away one must be willing to
devour the world BITE BY BITE!
The first time I dined on Petai
beans I struggled. You see they
smell like vomit. Therefore this
Malaysian and Sri Lankan dish
is an acquired taste. Once one
adjusts to the odor, most come
to love said addictive legumes.
Nothing is as yummy as a bowl
of Chicken Foot Soup. While
others toss them aside, they are
the base for a broth that's beyond
compare. Their tiny bones can
initially be challenging but their
sweet flesh is worth the effort!
Back in Chicago our Korean
diner dished out "Hangover
Soup". It's heady scent was
reminiscent of the inevitable
results of a drunken night.
Scent aside, it does the trick!
It's been said that I've never met
an organ I didn't like. My most
favorite are Sweetbreads which
in reality are the calf's thymus.
Down in the West Village "Po"
serves a piquant pasta laced with
perfectly prepared sweetbreads.
So as in my youth, every once in
awhile I must go downtown to
nibble what some deem "gross."
Many know of our affection for
Fu Gua. Known as Bitter Melon
(squash) it's an acquired taste.
Post years of devouring them
we're used to their impact. Yet
we still enjoy watching virgins
take their first bite. Almost all
join our bitter boys brigade!
Americans assume Shrimp are
curly white morsels nestled on
top of crushed ice. But they're
missing the joy of dining upon
deep fried Shrimp heads. Just
close your eyes, dig in,  and
blow your minds (and theirs)!
I'll try anything. But even I can't
stomach some. Sunday we had
Dim Sum. I selected these dainty
green pastries off the cart. Only
to discover they were filled with
Durian. Trust me, they STANK!
Now I know what I don't like.

Sad but true...
I just found out (courtesy of "J") that Po has closed after 24 years
of dishing out fabulous meals. As with most things in Manhattan, the landlord
upped the rent beyond feasibility. HOW SAD! Click here for further scoop...