Tuesday, April 18, 2017


Round trip excursion?
Recently "B" told me how much she enjoys
certain of my reoccurring blog subjects. And
with one quite innocent comment came the
realization that some things are destined
to never get checked off my "bucket" list.
Which means that like it or not, so many of
the many issues that constantly bother me
are destined to never be resolved. Hence
while the process of getting something off
my chest via this blog may seem beneficial
at the time, in reality its an expression of
never ending angst. And so this glutton for
punishment periodically comes full circle.
Over & out?
Which leads me to what they used to call in
my youth the magic question. When do we
finally give up or rather, give in and accept
the inevitable? From a rational perspective
there is no benefit to repetitiously attempting
to rectify a situation far beyond your control.
Therefore maybe it's time to accept that our
country will be adrift for the next four years.
When deep in a sea of despair, one can either
rise above one's circumstances or simply try
to hold your head above water. Yet isn't it
possible that theres a better way? Why not
swim to the other side to get us some help?
Off the deep end?
Only a fool would swim against the tide of
an oncoming tsunami. Even if they survive
it's initial onslaught, the subsequent ebb and
flow is certain to consume them. Therefore
as it's been said many times before, better to
put up and shut up. However that defeats the
very purpose of this daily diatribe. As I've
said again and again, this mindful missive is
all about me and nobody else. Therefore if
you opt to dive in with me, you can't control
how deep said immersion may take you. Nor
whether you'll be forced to go down to some
dark place thats far below your comfort level.
Repeat performance?
The very fact that I can't let things go means
that I'm still working through them. While one
can hope that ultimately I'll figure it all out -
it's not as easy as it seems. Thus like it or not
I must continue to share my ramblings about
slovenly dressing, forgotten manners, political
turmoil, assorted conspiracy theories, interior
decorating, obscure characters in history, my
offspring, the love of my life, and finally my
parents. All proof that if nothing else I'm still
a work in progress with much work left to be
done. The question is when will it ever end?
Or even more important... should it?
Surf or turf?
Ultimately whatever peace of mind one ends
up with is delusional at best. Throughout our
life journeys we each travel at our own pace.
Some of us stop off along the way. Others take
detours to places unknown. While a few opt to
remain right where they are and never explore
their options. However in the end there are only
two things certain in life. First, that everything
within our limited time here on earth is beyond
our control. Second, it will all be over before
we know it. So why do fools like me continue
to do our best to change the world? Is it worth
the effort? Or are am I swimming in circles?
Ebb tide?
I've no delusions of being a great man. Nor do
I think that anything I do will will truly change
the course of history. Yet at least I try to do my
best to point things in the right direction. Each
of us has some responsibility in this mess that
we call life. Given society is in essence a group
effort, our amalgam of futile individual efforts
just might shift the tide and change our world as
we know it. Hence while it seems like nothing is
happening, things are moving along at their own
pace. And slowly but surely, the impossible will
become reality. And so I'll continue to swim
along. Day by day. Inch by inch. Blog by blog.