Monday, April 24, 2017


Home sick
Now that I'm back to work, one of the things
I miss most is being at home. A confirmed
homebody, theres little I adore more than
watching the afternoon sunlight dance across
life's bric a brac. Which may be why I now
treasure my Sundays. That's because it's the
one day of the week that I get to enjoy our
apartment. Yet what I truly long for is home
sweet home. It's been four months since I left
Montana. Hence I miss our house - the one
place in the world that is ours alone. Which
is what home is all about. A cocoon, haven,
oasis, and refuge from the world at large.
Borrowed spaces
Given my passion for home decor, one might
assume that I'm a complete and total control
freak. However we purposefully decided to
rent a fully furnished Manhattan apartment.
Primarily because we already had too much
stuff and didn't want more. Obviously Frank
and I are rather picky. Yet knowing exactly
what we like made it quite easy to eliminate
many of the available options. We ended up
with ten abodes that suited our taste. One
which was perfect for us. Soon thereafter
we moved into somebody else's space filled
with a treasure trove of a stranger's goodies.
Private property
Assuming responsibility for another's abode
isn't as hard as it may seem. Rather much
like many a nomad we quickly adapted to
our new circumstances. While in theory
there is little here that's ours we quickly
made it our own. That is after rearranging
the furniture and adding some of our own
bits and pieces. Post a period of adjustment
we've settled in to enjoy the comfort of a
second home without the hassles of home
ownership. Thus within in our rented oasis
we've got a place we can call home sans
any responsibilities or... BAGGAGE.
Safety in numbers?
All of which causes me to pause and reflect.
Why do we all feel the need to have so much
stuff? Touring a variety of lovely pre-war
buildings here in Manhattan, one thing was
greatly lacking - closets. Thus it's obvious
that prior generations lived with much less
than we feel is necessary for survival. Could
it be that less is more? More important, why
are we holding on to a bunch of crap that
we have no need for?! What is so lacking
within our lives that requires multiple walk
in closets to fill said void?  When is enough,
enough? Or too much, more than enough?
Recently due to a faulty plumbing installation,
our basement back in Montana was flooded.
Due to the intervention of a dear friend, it was
discovered after only 80,000 gallons of water
had risen to eight inches. Apparently we were
more than lucky as the norm for that kind of
onslaught is six to eight feet. The result of said
deluge was the loss of a variety of household
and personal effects. All of which while quite
lovely were no longer of any use to us. So...
why were they there? Mostly due to a variety
of excuses that neither of us can remember
now. Meaning that our loss was our gain.
Limited assets
One of the key reasons to call anyplace home
is the feeling you get within it's four walls. The
most important of which is an innate sense of
peace and harmony. Therefore explaining why
most of us fill said spaces with excess burdens
and added responsibilities can be challenging
at best. The next time you happen to be home
alone, stop and look around you. Ask yourself
what you can do to make your space an even
better refuge from the world at large. Whether
that means cleaning up your act or adding some
missing elements - do whatever it takes to make
your home exactly that. Home sweet HOME!

All of today's photographs are of places we have lived.