Thursday, April 6, 2017


"You look so much better."
"You looked bad, really bad."

Sometimes I'm a little dense and it takes
me awhile to finally figure something out.
The other day I ran into an acquaintance
I haven't seen for months. During our but
brief encounter he couldn't stop telling
me how great I looked. Then I realized
he was saying anything BUT the truth!

"Have you lost some weight?"
"You ought to lose a lot more."

So you've gained a bit of weight. Yet you
didn't realize how much until some idiot
touted your added dimensions. Instead of
blaming it on cortisol or that nightly bottle
of red wine, consider said slur a wakeup
call! No more excuses. It's time to lose it.
Trust me, that will really get them talking!

"You're absolutely glowing!"
"I'd assumed you were dead."

We rarely see what others do. Therefore
one might not realize that they appear
as if they're ready to hop into a casket.
So rather than ignore the obvious, why
not say speak up and something?! Your
observation could mean the difference
between life or death! Or liver damage!

"Wow, you look so happy!"
"Usually you're such a downer."

While misery may love company, few want
to feel your pain. So please, put on a happy
face. and if you're miserable, do something
about it. Life is short. Don't allow your job
to kill you. Because when it does, they will
fill your spot with some other fool they can
torture. Don't worry, be happy!
"It's totally you."
"Thank God it's you... not me."

We all make mistakes. However often the
error of our ways is obvious to everyone
but us. Self awareness requires that one
reads between the lines. So do us ALL a
favor and try to hear what's actually being
said. If we just listen and learn maybe the
world can be a better place. Do hear me?!