Monday, April 10, 2017


War & peace
So, what do we do now? There must be some
way to react to recent news. Suddenly missiles
are bombing airfields, we're moving warships,
and anything else that improves our President's
ratings. The question is, what's next? Where do
we go from here? While it's apparent that our
leaders in Washington are moving against all
odds - why do I feel like nothing is being done
in our best interests? Obviously I'm jaded given
I feel that the man in charge is anything except
admirable. At this point the situation is beyond
our control. So how do we regain just that? Do
we need a battle cry to fight against tyranny?
Sink or swim
I realize I've written about this a million times
while I try to find solace in this sea of turmoil.
Such a trivial pursuit may seem futile yet as
we try to maintain control over our destinies.
Yet I can't help but wonder if effort spent in
managing my glide path is foolhardy at best.
Especially given there are few if any options
one can pursue when it comes to limiting the
impact of things far beyond our control. But
survival is a participatory sport. An activity
that requires our full engagement in order to
facilitate a positive outcome. In other words,
it's all about us and therefore all about them.
Show and tell
Which leads me to the conclusion that we
cannot allow others to make decisions for
us. The fact is our leaders in Washington
work for us. They are our representatives -
voted and empowered by we the people to
do our bidding. Thus in fact we do have
the power. And the only reason we're in
such a mess is that at some point we got
lazy and took our eye off the ball. Thus
any collateral damage is self inflicted.
Rather than retreat in defeat we must all
rise and make our presence known. It is
only then that they'll see and hear us.
Pros and cons
If nothing else the pageantry and pathos of
our political process is all about humanity.
With age comes the realization that most if
not all human beings are weak. Thus it's no
surprise that our elected officials vacillate
in whatever direction the majority dictates.
Thats because their very existence depends
upon our approval. They need us so much
more than we need them. Thus it's easy to
work our way up the food chain one elected
official at a time. And in the process drive
our collective destiny in the direction that
reflects OUR beliefs, needs, and wants.
Us or them
All we have to do is participate in our political
process. Whether that's writing a letter, sending
an e-mail, posting on Facebook, or leaving a
phone message - however you make contact
doesn't matter. What's of the upmost important
is that you actually hold them accountable by
affirming your thoughts, positions, perspective,
and opinions. By drawing the line in the sand,
you start the process of guiding their decisions
and actions to your favor. Without such clarity,
you give others the opportunity to step in and
push their agendas. Which is why our country
is in such a mess. We did this to ourselves.
Now or never
So do us all a favor and steer us in the right
direction. While in theory such efforts may
seem futile, the amalgam of a few whispers
of concern can transform into a chorus of
protest. Whatever works for you will literally
work in your favor. All that each of us has to
do is do something, anything. And even now
when the odds seem so terribly against us it's
even more important to step out and speak up.
A lack of effort means defeat for all that we
hold dear and victory for all that we abhor.
Hence I'm committed to making sure they
know exactly what I think. How about you?