Friday, April 21, 2017


Rear window
Lately my nights have been filled with dreams
of times past. Some good, some bad, and a few
beyond  amazing. Yet for all that has happened
(and will) I'm humbled and deeply grateful for
whatever has come my way. That's because the
happenstance of who, what, how, and why it
took to get me there is beyond capricious. The
very idea that any of us think we can somehow
chart our path is ludicrous. Ultimately luck or
the intervention of some higher being is what
puts our pieces together. And it's those chance
surprises that make life worth living. Out of
our control, the unexpected fuels our destiny.
Two of a kind
I'm assuming the majority of you have fallen
in love at some point in your life. And so you
know that the sheer magic of romance is more
than enough reason to put up with whatever
follows. At first pure animal magnetism links
two in one sweaty configuration. Said process
of discovery delivers a level of pleasure few
can explain. Yet once that initial infatuation
passes, both clear their heads and then decide
whether it's over or just starting. From that
point on for a blessed few, it only gets better
as time goes on. Even in the case of love lost,
it was well worth the effort. Love conquers all.
Gifts from God
Parenthood is one of the most unique of life's
experiences. The initial gestation period is a
spiritual phase which initiates a connection.
However illumination happens post arrival
once one assumes complete responsibility for
another human being. Initially said bundle of
joy is completely reliant on you alone. All too
soon they start to establish self control. Soon
questioning everything and anyone while deep
in a sate of rebellion. However in the end most
offspring and their parents realize how blessed
they are to have each other. Which often comes
just about the time we parents need diapers...
Friends forever
Family aside, friends are one of life's greatest
gifts. Again, it's all about chemistry. Strangers
meet and somehow they hit it off. Often that
occurs early in life and thus we're guaranteed
a support team no matter what. Spouses may
come and go, children inevitably leave the nest.
But in the end, a tried and true friend will stick
with you till the end. Often friends are closer
than family or those one shares their bed with.
A true friend always knows the things we're
hesitant to acknowledge. And if they're truly
a good friend, they'll tell you all about it...
Which in truth is exactly what friends are for.
The stuff that dreams are made of
One of life's greatest pleasures is finding your
niche. Leveraging talents while maximizing
natural instincts leads to amazing revelations.
However for some such a self realization is
elusive at best. And so we wait... and try to
do everything possible to figure things out.
Often that phase of self discovery is a mixed
bag of highs and lows. However finding one's
self is much better than living a life of denial.
Deep within each of us lies the truth. All that
we have to do is listen to our hearts. Honesty
and self acceptance are what ultimately helps
make our dreams become our reality!