Thursday, October 6, 2016

What a difference a day makes...

Easy does it
The older one gets, the more sedentary
we tend to become. Much like that jar
of old honey or bottle of catsup, as we
get closer to our expiration date, all the
slower we move. Shifting out of one's
comfort zone is probably among the
most challenging aspects of maturity.
Not only is inertia easy, it's reassuring.
Thus while wisdom may accompany
age, it inevitably travels with the dullest
of companions... BOREDOM. Which is
why we all need to answer an occasional
wakeup call. It helps get things moving.
Basket case
Yesterday I was sitting at my desk minding
my own business. I'd just about finished my
morning pot of coffee. The next day's blog
was ready and waiting. Downstairs a load of
laundry was happily spinning to completion.
My in-box was clean as a whistle. Thus all
seemed to be right in my world. Then all of
a sudden an e-mail arrived. Instantaneously
my mundane existence went askew. There
before me lay the opportunity that required
I drop everything and fly to New York. It
was an offer I couldn't refuse and yet... that's
exactly what I wanted to do. But I didn't!
The road less traveled
Getting anywhere from central Montana
is daunting. However turning an itinerary
on a dime can be almost impossible. My
immediate reaction was "NO." However
deep down some inner voice screamed
"GO!" Suddenly I awoke from my semi-
comatose state and leapt into action. And
given theres nothing I like more than a
challenge I focused on solving the puzzle
of not only getting myself to the big city,
but Frank also. And miraculously, a few
hours later everything was arranged. All
that was left to do was pack on the fly!
Home sweet home
Timing is everything. And given we left
Lewistown in almost blizzard conditions,
we more than both needed a break. After
a day of travel we landed ready and able
to conquer the Big Apple. However any
attempts at heroics were puffery at best.
That's because we left one home for our
home away from home. Thus beyond us
having to quickly make arrangements, we
just as quickly traveled back to familiar
territory. So why did we make such a big
deal about traveling back to what must
be deemed just another comfort zone?
Familiar territory
Aside from making a new professional
connection, I've no intention of doing
much of anything out of the ordinary.
Hence Frank and I will hit our favorite
shops, museums, eateries, and the like.
In between we'll see a play or two. And
if I get my way, whatever we see will
be a revamped rerun of a proven hit.
One may ask why I stick to the same
old same old. The reason for going
back to the future is simply that after
two years away we just want to feel
like we're back where we belonged.
Extra ordinary
When's the last time you ran away from
home? Nothing makes you appreciate
what you've got like some time far away
from your home turf. Inevitably absence
truly does makes the heart grow fonder.
Thus as long as you've booked a round
trip ticket, escaping reality will simply
affirm how good your existence actually
is. So what are you doing this weekend?
Isn't it time that you broke all the tried
and true rules? Why not drop everything
and just get out of town?! Whatever it is,
do something different. GET MOVING!