Friday, October 7, 2016


Open season
One of the most dramatic differences
between urban and rural life are the
people themselves. Within a crowded
metropolis theres no way to avoid a
chance encounter with other human
beings. Once out and about they're
everywhere. Add the fact that most
spend their days (and nights) traveling
afoot. Which makes it impossible to
not bump into someone. Rather than
being alone in the middle of no where
or traveling solo in their vehicle, each
and all begin and end the day en masse.
Mixed bags
Hence the intimacy of the metropolitan
existence creates the primary difference
between here and there. Having spent
most of my life in cities, it all feels very
natural. However being suddenly back
in the morass calls to mind a plethora
of factors that make city life exciting.
First and foremost there is the diversity
of the populace itself. All shapes, colors,
and creeds strive to survive as they strut
their stuff within this concrete jungle.
All navigating the challenges of life in
the city with dignity and aplomb.
Leaders of the pack
It's rather fun to watch the wealthy
navigate said public premise. Once
their hired cars pull up to their final
destination they must join the party.
Invariably hidden being sunglasses
and other paraphernalia, they step
out of their vehicles. Never looking
up from their mobile devices. Then
like rats attempting to traverse the
subway tracks, they wait until there
is an opening in the sea of humanity.
Only to quickly dart across and into
the waiting embrace of their doorman.
From the get go
One of my favorite times of the day is the
morning commute. Fresh faced from their
morning toilette, everyone seems ready to
face a new day. Neatly pressed with nary
a hair out of place they line up to grab a
coffee, paper, or cigarettes. In particular
I love watching the men. Close shaves,
combed coifs, polished shoes, starched
shirts, and a dose of bravado exude an
aura of optimism. Mix that with a dose
of working mom survival chic as they
drag their tots to school. And daily one
gets to see sartorial splendor on parade..
To each their own
The greatest dichotomy between urban
versus rural residents is that in the city
EVERYONE obviously puts thought
into how they look. In essence every
sidewalk is a catwalk. Within such a
competitive environment one is forced
to dress for their part. Given everyone
must jump into said stylistic melting pot
on a daily basis, it's fairly easy to watch
and learn. Thus with just a bit of thought
and a tad of effort any serf can dress as
if they rule the turf. That's the ultimate
manifestation of a fashion democracy.
Night shift
By the end of the day most worker bees
rejoin the evening exodus looking a bit
worse for the wear. Sodden, wrinkled,
and at times disheartened they rush home
to recoup what little time they have left.
Others do whatever it takes to renew their
perspective prior to leaving the office. In
the best of circumstances one showers at
the club, home, or gym. Resourceful
gentlemen simply don a new shirt. The
ladies update via a swath of lipstick,
fabulous earrings, and sexy shoes. All
enveloped in a fragrant puff of perfume.
Dress for success
They say that clothes make the man.
Here in the city that never sleeps
folks understand that perception is
reality. Therefore no matter the time
of day or night - they do their best to
look their best. Whereas back home
comfort usurps panache. Swimming
in a sea of mediocrity limits one's
ability to dream. Sans any element
of aspiration, there is little to look
forward to on a daily basis. If beauty
is in the eye of the beholder, why not
think before you get dressed?