Monday, October 3, 2016

The fall of western civilization

Closer than you think
Living in the boonies can in theory leave
one bereft of the trappings of civilization.
However in our modern cyber world one
can access anything and everything 24/7.
The difference between one westerner or
another is whether they're open minded
or not. I'm not talking about liberal versus
conservative. But rather about those who
are constantly open to learning new things
versus those who think they've no need for
further adult education. In other words -
anybody who willingly pursues edification
versus one who opts out of further growth.
Path of least resistance
In truth there is no valid excuse for a lack
of awareness. All one has to do is look,
listen, and learn. You see, inspiration and
edification awaits around every corner.
Hence it really doesn't matter where you
live. Rather it's all about HOW you live.
The major difference between here and
there is that one must hunt and peck a
bit more for the new and unique way out
west where the antelope roam. Therefore
it's much the same as Manhattan.  That's
because one can choose to opt out of
continuing education wherever they live.
Equal opportunity
Most of us aren't rocket scientists. Yet we
quickly realize that "one size fits all" can't
work with human beings. Thus embracing
to each their own is preferable. Which is
why a true democracy inspires the best in
all of us. This country was founded on a
premise of equality. Establishing a level
playing field facilitates FREEDOM. Thus
in such a context we're all free to pursue
our dreams as we see them. And even if
we don't agree, our democracy provides
an open forum for ALL to say it like it
is from our individual perspectives.
Against all odds
At times the American experience can be
challenging. However inevitably it seems
that we overcome each and every obstacle.
Thus I'm considering this election cycle
a new phase of my learning curve. While
swamped by a tsunami of hate, prejudice,
and paranoia - I'm reminded that even if
evil lurks within the hearts of many of my
fellow Americans - that isn't a bad thing.
"Better the enemy you know" is a vivid
reminder that each of us are free to pursue
what we consider the truth. Which time
has proven just might SET US FREE.
Safety in numbers
Could it be that the best of times are
when our collective melting pot seems
more like a cess pool?  Said menacing
melange could possibly be the ultimate
expression of a democracy at work. A
visceral discourse causes one to refine,
strengthen, and focus their individual
perspective. Thus an "idiot" spewing
poison plays a valuable role in your
decision process. Their mania affirms
your sanity. Empowering each of us to
learn from each other. And what could
be more AMERICAN than that?!