Tuesday, October 4, 2016


They say that the winner takes all.
However coming in first isn't always
rewarding. As of late last night we
were forecasted to see our first snow
since... well the first week of May.
For the next few days our low will
be somewhere in the high twenties.
Which reinforces the fact that prime
gardening season in Montana lasts
about five months. Thus if nothing
else such a brief interlude causes one
to appreciate the here and now given
quickly it is obviously over and out!
Fall from grace
Bouts of snow aside, October in central
Montana can be beyond glorious. Crystal
clear blue skies insure that we continue to
enjoy the sun's warm rays. Post the first
few frosts, there are no bugs nor pollen.
Making it the perfect time to head outdoors
and have some fun or prepare for the winter.
Within a few days the trees will have shed
all of their leaves. Yet Frank's garden is still
filled with carrots, beets, and greens ready
to be picked. So we've plenty of work to do
while the sun still shines. That plus raking
leaves and getting ready for the deep freeze.
White out
I must admit that I'm looking forward
to another winter in Montana. Like
everywhere else we'll be consumed
with holiday preparations up to the
new year. One can also safely assume
that like most of the rest of you - we'll
be more than glad when November 8th
has come and gone. After the political
turmoil settles down, we're all going to
need some time to reflect. And that's
what winter is all about here in rural
Lewistown. No wonder I can't wait to
be snowed in for a couple of months!
Behind closed doors
One can but pity those who have to live
year round in warmer climates. Beyond
bouts of endless rains their seasons tend
to blend into one never-ending numbing
nirvana. And frankly, higher temps are
not all sunshine and lollipops. One has
only to survive a summer in Dallas or
Miami to understand that paradise isn't
always the most livable of locales. Their
summer is the equivalent of our winter.
Meaning that much like us, they spend
several months trapped within climate
controlled environments. BORING...
Oh... the chill of it all
So why do most Montanans look forward
to spending about seven months indoors?
Well, first of all theres always the view.
Little could be as beautiful than looking
out upon a central Montanan countryside
covered in white. Given the majority of
our winter days are blindingly sunny, it's
easy to maintain a bright outlook. Rarely
does our thermometer dip far below zero.
And given our relatively low humidity,
the cold never feels as frigid as a damp
November day in Manhattan. Thus winter
is absolutely my favorite season bar none.
Comfort and joy
Much like everything else in life, one's
circumstances are what they make of
them. Hence there are unhappy people
everywhere no matter the weather. The
best thing about cold weather is that it
provides ample time for introspection.
Little is as affirming as sitting before a
warm fire with  a glass of wine. Except
possibly sharing an evening of comfort
food and fellowship with friends and
family. So rather than lament summer's
demise, I'm happy to be amongst the
first to "chill." LET IT SNOW!