Wednesday, August 31, 2016


Mixed messages
There are times when one simply has
to get away. The question is... where?!
With technology always at our side,
most maintain a seamless interaction
between our public and private lives.
Meaning that no matter where we go,
everyone comes along for the ride!
Some seem to find this approach the
easiest way to navigate modern life.
However I can't help but question
whether we're working ourselves to
death. Is there no end to our mania?
Can anyone truly escape reality?
Long distance call
It used to be that the farther one got from
home, the easier it was to fade from sight.
However cellular coverage has reached
a point where there are few places where
one can't be found. Fortunately our family
cabin is one of those spots. Hidden in a
valley deep in the mountains silence rules.
Sans any signals all you can do is enjoy
the moment and whoever you've invited
to join you before the fire. Such strategic
disconnections can be blissful. Yet one
can't help but worry about what's going
on while we're gone. We just can't let go.
Speed limits
Technology has become the perfect partner
for those of us who are termed as "control
freaks." 24/7 we can monitor the news, our
family and friends, the office, and even our
home's heat, cooling, and security systems.
There is literally nothing that can escape
a quick scan via the web, laptop, or phone.
While that may provide peace of mind for
some, I abhor the fact that nothing escapes
our attention. However what worries me all
the more is that others - unbeknownst to us
may also be watching, listening, waiting,
and eager to expose our well kept secrets.

Red zone
I'm not the paranoid sort. However with
all the tales of cyber stalking, sleuthing,
and stealing one can't help but WORRY!
Thus every time my Mac takes longer to
process something than I think it should,
I immediately assume that an evil force
is overtaking my world. Hence in many
ways I'm as threatened and consumed
as any cold war era politico. Concerned
that a hidden enemy is out there waiting
to pounce when I least expect them to.
And what's even scarier is that in fact my
deepest fears may now actually be reality.
Voting registrations
One can't help but be filled with angst
at the idea of another country attacking
us via vapor. Who knows why Russia
has been breaking into our electoral
system beyond mayhem? Rumors aside,
I highly doubt that Mr. Putin is plotting
with Mr. Trump to give him a bump at
the polls. Yet after reading all of the
recent headlines one can only wonder
what is going on and why? All of this
brouhaha leaves me feeling more than
vulnerable. What could be the purpose
for their political pirating? Uncertainty.
Switching places
For the last two days we've been napping
and dipping at Chico Hot Springs (right)
in Pray, Montana. Eliminating at least a
few of one's daily responsibilities such as
making the bed helps clear the mind. Thus
I've accepted that given I can't ever control
others - all I can do is be at peace with me
alone. If and when I'm overwhelmed it's
nobody's fault but my own. Like it or not
we're all in control of our own destinies.
Well, at least our personal technology.
So, it you don't want to get any bad news
I suggest you TURN IT OFF NOW!
Over and out
Somehow we've made this all the more
harder than it really needs to be. There
is no reason you can't step away from
the phone or laptop whenever, wherever
you want to.  Nobody is holding a cyber
gun to your head. At some point each of
us opted in. Therefore we should be able
to just as easily opt out if we choose to
do so. For some the very idea of losing
life's immediacy is terrifying. However
for others, establishing a buffer between
"us" and "them" may be the best way to
 survive. Could that be the great escape?