Tuesday, August 16, 2016


Enough already
Many of us maintain an active love/hate
relationship with Facebook. Theres no
doubt that it's a magical communication
tool. Plus an easy way to stay in contact
with family and friends. It's also a fast
route to reconnection, reconciliation, or
occasionally... retribution.  However one
quickly learns that keeping up with the
Joneses via Facebook posts is a full time
job. Some people can't help themselves.
Hence one often has "friends" who all
too frequently post the good, bad, and
the ugly. Whether you "like" it or not!

Friends forever
It's fine to freely spread the word within
one's inner circle. Yet at times even I can
exhibit a gross disregard for the diversity
of my friends and family. Once one gets
beyond pictures of puppies many advise
certain subjects should be avoided. Some
still feel the need to show their stuff. It's
proven that political postings will reduce
one's tally of amigos. Such risks aside,
I've come to the conclusion that unless
we post our differences, we'll never get
ahead. Thus my mantra until November

Post traumatic disorder
I'll admit that at times even I'm surprised
by what others deem appropriate for public
consumption. The other day someone who
I rather like posted the image above. My
initial reaction was DELETE both them
and their offensive post. However upon
reflection I decided it's better to maintain
the lines of communication than to walk
away. Whether I'll ever convince them
that Hillary is not a murderer is not the
issue. All I can do is continue to attempt
to shed some light from my perspective.
And... hope for the best.

True or false?
When confronted by a blatant display of
lies my response must be "PROVE IT."
If nothing else fact checking reminds us
that we must take responsibility for what
we post. Ignorance may be bliss however
when rumor and rhetoric are presented as
fact - whoever spreads said lies must be
culpable for any/all repercussions related
to being a false witness. Like it or not, in
a democratic republic - few get away with
murder, theft, and deceit. Therefore unless
you've got evidence to the contrary, may I
humbly suggest that less said... the better.

A guy walks into a bar...
Obviously it's a two way street. Thus
at times even this blue blooded liberal
can cross the line. A few weeks ago a
friend on the right challenged myself
and several others over our political
incorrectness. We were cyber cackling
over a story that a Manhattan eatery
had refused to seat a man wearing a
"Make America Great" hat. And she
rightfully suggested that purposefully
lauding rude customer service was in
fact a prejudicial act in and of itself.
And by God... SHE WAS RIGHT.

Backup plan
During such a contentious political season
we all must attempt to keep things in their
proper balance. Nobody has to agree but
we must maintain our dignity against all
odds. Which if nothing else requires that
we do our homework before posting on a
public forum. Otherwise if we only spread
lies we're just as guilty as the "criminals"
we've chastised via Facebook. As free and
equal Americans we each have the right to
believe whatever we choose to embrace.
However we also have a responsibility to
speak the truth and nothing but the truth.

Quando quando quando quando
Rather than sink to new lows, why can't
we rise above our differences? Yesterday
"C" posted a video of a father and son
singing. A victim of Alzheimer's disease -
the Dad is slowly fading away. Yet music
magically lifts said veil enabling both of
them to share the love for a chorus or two.
Watching and hearing their joy not only
lifted my heart, it reminded me of my
father's final journey. So I shared via a
donation to Alzheimer's research. And
suddenly, all seemed right in the world.
Now that's something to "like" isn't it?!