Wednesday, August 3, 2016


Town & country
Post two years full time in Montana,
people are still fascinated as to why
we've chosen to make Lewistown our
home. Many - especially locals seem
incredulous at the idea that anybody
would purposefully opt to leave New
York City for an isolated agricultural
community. Yet after much thought
and planning that's exactly what we
did. And to date, we don't regret our
decision. Actually we rarely think of
it. That's because home is where the
heart is. The heart of Montana that is.

To do list
Over the next two days I'm going to review
many reasons why we love Lewistown. You
may opt to agree or consider my "newbie"
perspective misguided. However my hope
is that along the way you'll learn something.
Or be reminded of all that we have. Many
of these treasures can easily be ways to take
Lewistown to "next." We've only to end the
inertia that holds us back from success. You
see, we couldn't go back even if we wanted
to. Rather it's time to move forward together
to a much better place. So join me for a trip
to new yet familiar territory. Giddy up kids!

Location, location, location
Few argue that Lewistown is situated in
one of Montana's most beautiful spots.
Surrounded by five mountain ranges, our
views are breathtaking. However I find
the seemingly endless prairie vistas even
more inspiring. Then of course there's the
big sky which more often than not is an
amazingly brilliant blue. Close by are the
Missouri River Breaks with a dramatic
shift in terrain which in itself is unique.
So much so that William Clark named
the Judith River after his soon to be wife.
Everyone falls in love with this place!

Under water
All one has to do is drink a glass of cold
water from any tap to realize that we are
very lucky to live here. In many places
the H2o is anything but pure - while our
our water is 99.9% pure and completely
untreated. All of this simply bubbles up
from the ground a few miles outside of
town from the immense Madison aquifer.
One of the biggest springs in the world -
said gift from God flows at a rough rate
of 60,000 gallons per minute. Then rolls
through town via the winding trout filled
Big Spring Creek. I'll drink to that!

History repeats itself
Fueled by an early twentieth century
homesteading boom, Lewistown hit
it's peak in optimism prior to World
War One. Hence our town abounds
with prime architectural examples
from that period. Post losing many
historic structures during the end of
the twentieth century, our downtown
contains a cluster of architecturally
significant buildings. Yet rather than
treasure them, some suggest we tear
them down. That's why many strive
to protect and reinvigorate our core!

Ready, set, go!
Our forefathers provided Lewistown and
Fergus County with a solid infrastructure
to build upon. Leveraging said resources,
central Montana has grown into what is
now considered a "manufacturing hub."
Many locally based businesses thrive
beyond all expectations. Among their
only limitations to growth are attracting
a large labor pool, providing them with
the quality housing they desire, plus the
proper amenities that lure new residents
to a community. Thats why so many are
working to make it happen. Are you?

Tune in tomorrow for round two...