Wednesday, August 10, 2016


Can you dig it?
I don't know about you but by mid August
I'm just about ready for summer to finally
wind down. The weather here in Lewistown
is glorious but all good things inevitably will
come to an end. For now we're enjoying the
fruit of Frank's labor from his garden. Given
that it all could be lost to a random summer
frost, we must gather ye vegetables while we
may. Before the deer get them. Yet my desire
to end this season is driven by the imminent
completion of our domain. After almost four
years, it's almost over. And that means that
anytime soon... we can finally get our dog!
The best laid plans
The good news is that by the end of this
week the remaining concrete sidewalks
and back stoop will be poured and cured.
Meanwhile the new masonry walls will
be stuccoed. Last but not least will be
installation of the final portions of the
cedar fence that have been awaiting the
above. Next our brick terrace will be laid
under the horse chestnut tree. Then finally
the landscapers can install the sprinkler
system, lay sod, and plant shrubs. Last
but not least are the custom made gates.
How did God create the earth in a week?
Enough already
Exactly when will I get my pooch? One
may assume that I've been barking up the
wrong tree. For years, I repeat years I've
been wanting a dog. However for just as
long my better half has been battling my
canine compulsion. Now that our rear
exposure is nearing completion I'm now
closer than I've ever been to making my
dream a reality. You see, once our back
half is completely sealed there will be no
more excuses. Finally we can procure a
pup and let it roam freely. The question
is where, how, and when?
I woof if I could
Finally dear readers, we may have
reached the point of no return which
leads to a miniature French Bulldog.
Therefore no matter how loudly dear
Frank may bark, said pooch will join
join family and within days be is dog,
not mine. I've no bone to pick over
shifted allegiances. The sooner he/she
becomes my man's best friend - the
better. All that stands in our way is
our back yard and given fall is upon
us, must I consider that we can't have
a pup in our tent till NEXT spring?
Life's a bitch
At this point we're more than prepared
for pet parenthood. Given we've been
on the canine layaway plan for years,
any further delay really shouldn't be all
that painful. In the meantime Frank's
brother "W" and dear "J" will soon be
here for a visit along with our favorite
family member - Stella the Schnauzer.
Meaning that for a week or two we'll
be deep into the dog days of summer.
All of which will hopefully suggest to
Frank a home isn't sweet unless one
has a furry friend in it! Woof woof!
Better late than never
Like it or not, for the next few weeks if
not months we'll continue to be a work
in progress. Therefore the only creatures
digging holes in our backyard will be
paid professionals. There has to be a
lesson in all of this. I'll admit that seeing
our landscaping dreams come to fruition
is beyond exciting. Thus I must yank my
own chain to remind myself that if and
when our canine child finally arrives, it
will be well worth the wait. Proving that
for now, this old dog must learn another
new trick or two. Heel Greg, heel!