Friday, August 19, 2016


Fast and easy
Often I ask myself this question - "Why
does Frank put up with me?!" If nothing
else I'm a rather lumpy and large bag of
tricks. Complexly inconsistent, there are
times when my antics even exacerbate me!
One of my weaknesses is a pronounced
lack of patience. However it's also one of
my strong suits. While working my drive
to get things done in a timely manner has
benefitted me. However my sooner than
later philosophy is anything but beyond
challenging here in rural central Montana.
Thus my frustration is... why must I wait?
Minute egg
Let's agree on one thing. I was born
and raised in the area that defined the
term "New York minute." Hence time
has always been of the essence for me.
My natural inclination is immediate
gratification in as short a time span as
possible. However way out west it's
best to hope for the best. Meaning that
someday one's needs may be fulfilled
if or when somebody gets around to it.
Most of the time I can handle being
down on said rather fluid waiting list.
Other times I simply lose my patience.
Fast burner
Frank's family likes to savor the moment.
Therefore rather than immediately make
a wish and blow... we must wait for what
seems like an eternity for birthday candles
to burn down. Part of me appreciates that
one must stop in order to smell the roses.
Thus I've developed a rather long fuse.
If I reach the end of said rope, I'm done.
Over and out. Which explains most of
for my obvious frustration with further
delays. Am I an ungrateful urbanite who
is unable to cope in a world where there
seems to be no light at the tunnel's end?
Garden variety
It was only April when we first set the
wheels in motion for our new backyard
transformation. Four months later we
seem close to reaching the finish line.
Coordinating all of the players involved
has been quite a Herculean task. To say
that we're happy with the work done so
far and all who've been involved would
be an understatement. Everyone came
to our party and showed us a good time.
However all good things must come to
an end. It's time to end crowd sourcing
and finally have the house to ourselves.
Waiting room
One thing is certain, I've tried my best
to be patient. My approach throughout
our renovation has been to encourage,
collaborate, and to write the checks.
But living in the midst of a construction
zone isn't the most pleasant of existences.
And after four years of doing so... both
Frank and I are more than ready to finish
the job and enjoy the fruits of everyone
else's labors. Like it or not thats at least
a month or two away. Thus I'm taking a
chill pill and then doing whatever it takes
to sit back and quietly await completion.
Finish line
Everyone has to occasionally accept that
circumstances are beyond their control.
While hard for most control freaks, if
able it's best to not freak out. Throwing
a hissy fit rarely does more than insure
a state of exhaustion. Thus it's usually in
everyone's best interests to let life happen
at it's own pace. Invariably haste makes
waste. So the last thing one needs is to
force everybody into a fast lane that may
only lead to disaster. Rather one must try
to enjoy the occasional detour along the
way to nirvana. The end is near I promise!