Friday, August 12, 2016

My daily minimum requirement

Up and Adam
At this point in life why not? There's no
reason not to enjoy whatever zings your
strings. Well, as long as it's not bad for
you. There are certain things I can't do
without on a daily basis. Much like the
requisite apple, I hope that indulging in
my favorite things every twenty four
hours keeps the doctor away. Thus one
can assume happiness facilitates good
health - right?! Given my daily input of
essentials, I should be among the more
healthy men around. Thus if I die young,
at least I'll be a glutinously giddy guy!
Sunrise serenade
During my life span health experts have
proclaimed coffee as both the worst and
best thing for you! Like any addict this
javaholic can't function sans caffeine.
The start of each day I stumble about
my kitchen until the beans are ground
and pressed. Invariably I'm not myself
until post the third or fourth cup. Hence
I tend to refrain from writing until well
after my cup has runneth over and I've
gotten my full. However all good things
must come to an end. Especially when
overindulgence gives one the shakes!
Wakeup call
In truth my dear readers we're more alike
than you may realize. Each morning my
natural preference is to initiate my glide
path to consciousness via those whose
opinions I trust and respect. Hence daily
I touch base with my favorite bloggers.
Like old friends we meet, share a cup of
coffee, chat awhile and then move on
with our days! Next I hit the New York
Times, Washington Post, and Huffington
Post. Depending on whatever I read I'm
often inspired to write something about
anything. And that's where you come in.
The pause that refreshes
To be candid, this blog is the most decadent
of my daily indulgences. At times I've little
to nothing to say. And so I stop and think.
Soon via some miracle thoughts and words
flow. It's all driven by a sense of obligation
to those who willingly allow me into their
hearts and homes each day. For whatever
reason many of you seem to like what you
read. Hence readership continues to climb.
All of which is not only humbling but truly
a motivating factor. My sincere hope is that
whatever is on my mind that day entertains
those willing to give me the time of day.
Necessary evil
One daily ritual I do not enjoy is taking
my blood pressure medication. Soon I'll
be at the doctor for my annual physical.
My intention is to discuss taking me off
my daily dosage as I really don't like the
idea of taking drugs. Part of my reason
for dieting is to shed all of the pounds
that are elevating my plasma pulsations.
Losing fifty pounds or so might do the
trick however I'm no magician. Hence
chances are that I'll reluctantly continue
to follow my doctor's orders on a daily
basis. At least until death do us part...
In vino veritas
Last but not least is the ultimate gift from
God - WINE. I can't seem to live without
seeing red therefore my daily minimum
requirement seems to be at least a bottle
a day (shared of course!) Once again the
experts periodically claim red wine is the
best or worst thing for you. All I know is
that it soothes this at times savage beast
and in my case tends to settle my stomach.
Thus whether good or bad I end each day
sipping a big glass of french extraction.
Happily awaiting the start of a new day
and a repeat performance. See you then!