Thursday, August 4, 2016


Pioneer spirit
Today we continue on our journey of
self exploration. For those of you not
lucky enough to live in Lewistown or
it's surrounding environs, I hope you
that by joining our ride celebrating all
things local you'll be tempted to visit.
However I'm not worried about you
as almost anyone who stops through
Lewistown falls in love with the place.
Rather, my intention is to remind all
of us locals of just how lucky we are
to live dead in the heart of Montana.
So let's saddle up and be on our way!

Don't fence me in
Many consider our part of the world a
veritable hunter's paradise. So much so
that at least two billionaires have been
buying and fencing thousands of acres
to protect their turf and keep the rest of
us out. Few locals seem to realize just
how precious easy public access to our
amazing hunting grounds is. Nor how
important those who come into town to
hunt and peck are to our economy. That's
why we must partner with public and non
profit organizations to protect access for
all. Shouldn't neighbors act neighborly?

Uniquely ours
The heart of Montana has many sights to see.
Hike up to Crystal Lake's Ice Caves to chill
out. Or tour Bear Gulch considered one of
the largest concentration of pictographs and
petroglyphs created by ancient indigenous
people in the world. One can hit mile upon
miles of trails throughout the five ranges of
mountains that surround us. Or you can ride
the rails as you dine on the Charlie Russell
Chew Choo. To be honest,  it might take
a few years to see and do all that our area
has to offer. Yet when asked "what to do"
few locals seem to have any answers!

Go fish
Drive down almost any country road here
in central Montana and you'll come across
a sign pointing to some free access fishing
hole. The fact is this area is teeming with
some of the best fishing in North America.
For just under $100 any outsider can get a
season fishing license and soon thereafter
hook whatever they find. All that's needed
is the time and patience to capture the best
that this bit of heaven has to offer. You can
even drop a line as you sip your beer at the
venerable Montana Tavern on Main Street!
Or dine on sushi grade tuna at The Mint!

We couldn't live without it
The fact is we have just about everything we
need right here in the middle of "no where".
Having intimate experience with hospitals all
over the U.S., our Central Montana Medical
Center offers treatment equal if not far better
than most. That's because CMMC leadership,
doctors, nurses, and staff truly care about us.
They partner with hospitals across Montana
to bring the best to Lewistown and if needed
fly patients to wherever is best for them. All
proving that our local medical facilities are
invaluable assets. Add several assisted living
and nursing homes and you're set for LIFE!

Love for sale
There are over 100 homes in Lewistown
currently listed on Zillow. One can live
in town or out and about - the choice is
yours. From historic homes like the one
shown left  to vast ranches like Sam's
Big Spring Creek spread (shown above)
with five hundred acres and world class
trout fishing literally outside your door.
Or you can build your dream home any
where for miles around. Our only local
challenge is attracting prospective buyers
with the vision and cash to restore our
history. How about you? Get moving!

Nice work if you can get it
Most of us need cash to live. As of now
there are over 100 jobs available here in
Lewistown on the Montana State Job
Service website. Everything from the
Executive Director for a non-profit to
Infirmary Manager for Montana state
prisoners to skilled laborers, nurses,
hospitality staff, and more. In addition
many of our largest employers are on
the search for top notch talent ready to
move to central Montana. Thus almost
any lawyer, doctor, or chief can easily
start a conversation. Pack your bags!

Wait there's more!
While some claim central Montana is
struggling, it's never been better. Last
month our new city pool opened. All
through town new sidewalks and curbs
have been installed. Meanwhile local
road construction projects are nearing
completion. Our hotels, restaurants are
booked with visitors who love all that
we take for granted. Our manufacturing
and construction employers are busier
than ever. Allied Steel, Century, High
Heat, Jamison HCR, Spikato list a
few. So... do I really need I say more?!