Monday, August 15, 2016


Home away from home
Some of us like to live vicariously
through others. In essence that must
be what drives the ever increasing
viewership of style, food, or home
media. One wonders if TV execs of
times past would have ever considered
airing a program about people hunting
for a new home. Nor the concept of an
aired exploration of drive in delights.
However many seem to enjoy delving
behind the scenes into other people's
kitchens, homes, and closets. Are we
all secret style voyeurs?
Estate planning
I'll confess that I'm one of many who
prefer to tune into HGTV than watch
the news or Olympics. However it's not
home transformations that I find most
interesting. Rather it's the many shows
that allow one to hunt and peck America's
homes in "as is" condition. However in
my search to find real America - I've
decided that the web is where the action
is. Hence on a daily basis I sneak a peek
into other people's abodes. The result of
which isn't always inspiring. Yet oddly...
beyond fascinating and at times scary!
Age before beauty
My favorite blog on the home front is
it's author Kelly proffers up a variety
of historic homes currently for sale all
across America - often at shockingly
low prices. You never know what may
pop up. Recently the Fergus house 
right here in Lewistown was featured.
If for no other reason this blog affirms
that there are a plethora of other old
house lovers willing to invest time and
money restoring our heritage for future
generations. The older... the BETTER!
Field trip
Part of the joy of living in our historic
home is connecting with those who've
lived there before us. Post research it's
original owners, GW and Emma Cook
seem like old friends. Given for over
fifty years our house was carved up into
nine apartments, we often meet people
who've lived within it's walls. Lewistown
is a treasure trove of old homes waiting
to be revived. Hence I hit ZILLOW on
a daily basis to see what's available. Why
not make a piece of  Lewistown history
your next HOME SWEET HOME?!
Time traveler
What goes around invariably does come
around. Years ago Frank and I lived in
a lakefront condo building in Chicago.
Built in the early sixties, each elevator
served only two apartments per floor.
Every hallway was lovingly decorated
by it's owners. Many of which hadn't
been touched for decades! Thus often we
would push every button, stopping floor
by floor to gaze upon said blasts from the
past. Who doesn't love taking a trip back
to the future? Enjoy a sentimental journey
via my go to - RETRORENOVATION!
Mad about the girl
If nothing else misery loves company. Thus
I frequently peruse several restoration blogs
that document the trials and tribulations of
home rehabilitation. Confabbing with those
who are kindred spirits is akin to a therapy
session. Ultimately sharing in other's joys
and sorrows helps us all get to nirvana. I've
mentioned her before, however I still enjoy
every quirky blog entry from VICTORIA
ELIZABETH BARNES who is renovating
a historic home in Pennsylvania. One thing
is certain, home restoration is either a labor
of love or an act of insanity!
Instant recall
Theres no doubt that anyone can benefit
from brushing up on history lesson once
in awhile. Author Jennifer Boles offers
up a periodic glimpse into homes past
via her blog THE PEAK OF CHIC.
I'm inspired by these long forgotten
rooms that were created by some of the
greatest decorators in history.  If what
goes around ultimately does come back
into favor - theres really no reason not
to steal an idea or two from one's elders.
Assuming that seeing is believing - we
all have time to LIVE AND LEARN!