Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Breakfast club
Here in Lewistown there are several
groups of older gentlemen who meet
daily for coffee. They sit at their table
sipping, spewing, and stalling. I'm
fairly certain that most of them have
little to do and nowhere else to go.
That said, they're an institution within
our community and when one of said
clan is missing... we worry. You see
camaraderie is truly a precious gift.
Knowing that others "get" you makes
life all the better. Who doesn't need
need a little help from our friends?!
Chat room
Mine greet me every morning at my
desk in our library. As dawn breaks
I sit with my buddies as they recant
some story or impart wisdom. Said
friends are thousands of miles away,
oceans apart and yet... I feel as if
they're right there. I read many blogs
on a daily basis. And each morning
just like you I connect with people
who I've never met. Graciously they
let me into their lives for but a few
minutes. And we share a level of
intimacy that defies common sense.
From the heart
We're like those people who fall in
love via While I can't
comprehend deciding someone who
you've never met is the love of your
life - I can understand how that can
happen. Cyber connectivity offers
a communications link that is quite
unique versus historical precedents.
Many have professed their love via
letters and other written forms. Yet
that process lacked the immediacy
of instantaneous sharing and baring
of one's soul. There's nothing like it.
Can we "talk"?
Obviously I don't know these people
with whom  I "talk" everyday. Nor do
you know anything about me beyond
my daily ramblings. Yet I find myself
worrying about all of you. Wondering
how you are and what you're doing.
Feeling that somehow I'm invisibly
part of your lives. Some of my cyber
"friends" are incredibly chic - giving
access to amazing things worldwide.
Others humbly inspire - their candid
illuminations teaching me something
new. Isn't that what friends are for?
Work in progress
And... some are simply damned hysterical.
One blogger in particular has no problem
baring her soul and related mania for all
to read. Victoria Elizabeth Barnes has
been remodeling/restoring her Victorian
home for years. Addicted to Craig's List -
she's hellbent on assembling her many
disparate "treasures" into one cohesive
kitchen. Meanwhile her patient husband
and loyal readers join in the hunt. While
at times I want to bitch slap Victoria, we
all love her dearly. Somehow watching
someone else do all the work is magical!
Wall flower
For years I've read a rather elegant
blog crafted by a lady from Kansas
City. Then suddenly the tone, tenor,
and content of said missive changed.
For a time she even disappeared and
I'll admit that I missed her... and was
a tad worried. Slowly new sporadic
entries arrived in my in-box. All
indication that "Mrs. Blandings" is
rebuilding her life post divorce. She
has moved on. Hence her postings
are random at best. Yet like an old
friend, always a welcome diversion.
Gone but not forgotten
There's nothing worse than getting
dumped. However I've found that
many bloggers ultimately burn or
sell out. Post writing daily for three
three years I can understand. Yet as
long as I've got something to say -
I'm going to share it with anyone
willing to listen (i.e. read.) Some
bloggers figure out that selling out
is  more lucrative than giving it
away. To date I've resisted as I
don't want anything influencing
what I share between you and me.
All of me...
I hope you all realize just how important
you are to me. Every morning I awake to
find out how many people have logged on
to share my journey. You hail from all over
the world which I frankly find amazing.
Especially my loyal readers in faraway
Ukraine and Russia. Simply knowing you
find my blathering somehow entertaining
makes me happy. So while we can't share
a morning cup of coffee, I can share that
I am truly humbled and blessed to have all
of you as "friends." And while we probably
will never meet... I'll "see" you tomorrow!