Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Long distance
Many find the idea of our living in
rural Montana "roughing it." Given
Bergdorf Goodman is at least two
thousand miles away I must agree.
However my skeptical friends, I'm
happy to report that civilization has
reached virtually every nook and
cranny of this great land. Thus one
has the world at their fingertips via
technology. Between computers,
mobile phones, and the internet -
we can all easily connect anytime,
anywhere, with anybody.
Out of service
Well... almost anywhere. One doesn't
realize what one has until suddenly it's
gone. These two days at our isolated
hotel have been sans easy access to all
modern marvels. While the idea of not
logging on but rather logging timber
may seem alluring, it's not for me. I've
become a confirmed communications
junkie. Therefore going cold turkey
sans a warning or other intervention
has been rather traumatic. You see, I
never knew that being disconnected
would be so extremely disconcerting.

The lost link
It's really no big deal not having any
phone service. In fact it's liberating.
I find the idea that no one can easily
ring my bell quite pleasurable. Yet
given elder relations, sundry business
obligations, and a plethora of needy
friends and family - I worry that I'm
missing something or... someone.
But my angst has nothing to do with
the phone. Frankly, I'm worried that
I can't survive without "Googling."
What happens if somebody asks
me a question that I can't answer?!
Reference room
Who knew that I would ever assume
that having easy access to a global
encyclopedia was somehow my God
given right? Via Google any enigma
is instantly resolved whenever and
wherever. Now sans internet access
I'm plunged into an informational
coma that I had no idea still existed!
Given my fear of the unknown I'm
having trouble seeing the forest for
the trees in Glacier Park. Why did
I allow myself to become a victim of
circumvented cyber circumstances?

Heart of the matter
So why can't I just let it go?! Well...
first of all there's YOU. For whatever
reasons, many of my devoted readers
look forward to our daily interaction.
Crafting said communiques requires
time, patience, and the ability to get
the word out via the internet. Often
I've got a few days sitting ready and
waiting. But sadly, this week is not
one of those times. Happily our hotel
lobby provides a tenuous link to the
outside world. And so... I'm writing
to you from there slowly but surely!
Missed connections
Secondly, I miss my friends and family.
Almost every morning my bestie "T"
and I chat via e-mail, text, or phone.
Daughter "M" posts photos of my
grandson while my eldest "E" checks
in often. To be suddenly be cut off is
akin to losing limb. Camaraderie fuels
our lives in way we often don't realize.
For me it's a security blanket. Daily
assignations provide affirmation. For
these two days the cyber silence has
been deafening. No wonder I can't
seem to relax! E.T. phone home!!
Return to sender
Finally, all of the above is proof of
how lazy I've become. Devoid of
cable, Google, i-tunes, voice mail,
or my in-box - I'm reminded of my
reliance on others. Prior generations
knew how to survive and leverage
their periods of isolation. Which if
nothing else provides the time and
space to stop and think. Come to
think of it... that's a luxury that our
cyber generation rarely enjoys. Is
it time that I reconnected with "me"
and you spent time with YOU??!