Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Deja vu
In essence we're all cogs in the wheels
of time. Therefore whatever we do now
impacts future generations. That sort of
responsibility requires culpability. Yet it
seems that most including our leaders
are focused on the here and now versus
making an investment in our future. All
of which is behavior that I find beyond
reprehensible. If we're honest we must
acknowledge that most of what we now
enjoy is due to the hard work of those
who were here long ago. Without their
bravery things might be very different.

Repeat performance
It's been said that history repeats itself.
Human nature being what it is... little may
be truer. Since the beginning of time there
have been certain members of our species
who rise about the rest. Their bravado can
either isolate or empower depending on
their agenda. At times their ramblings are
much ado about nothing or in truth actually
life changing.  Our challenge is separating
right from wrong, good from evil, fact from
fiction. With the advent of electronic media
one can't easily escape their hyperbole. Yet
few seem willing to do anything but listen.

Against all odds
Isolationist dreams aside, we're usually
better off if and when somebody speaks
or steps up. Often a single individual is
brave (or foolish) enough to say what
the rest of us are thinking. And like it
or not, there is usually something to be
learned even from the most extreme of
extremists. If nothing else the far left or
right enables us to put the middle in it's
proper perspective. The problem is most
of us are conflict adverse. Hence when
others pour on the gas... we run and hide.
Which in the end only turns up the heat.

Moral majority 
Usually events beyond our control force
us to confront reality. Sadly it seems we
can't seem to learn our lessons from the
past. Hence many issues we thought were
resolved are alive and well. While hatred,
prejudice, and bigotry hid underground
for a long while, they're suddenly seeing
the light of day once more. Religion is
being used as a battering ram to defend
limiting the rights and freedom of others.
Equality is deemed only appropriate when
it supports one extremist stance versus
another. So where is God in all of this?

Do or die?
Whatever you believe, it's hard to not
crave divine intervention. Almost all
of us would prefer that we be saved
rather than forced to fight for what we
know is right. However that's simply
not how it works. Fairness has never
been a universal right. Some one has
to be willing (and able) to push our
collective envelope in order to force
us onto next. Often while that happens
said facilitators are anything but liked.
In truth telling the truth is rather risky.
And unfortunately... it may kill you.

Lead by example
Some of those we now most revere
were once considered renegades. The
far right and left held them in disdain.
Against all odds they persevered only
to be punished for doing what we now
know was the right thing to do. I find
that kind of bravery beyond humbling
and inspiring. When was the last time
you took a risk and said it like it really
is? Rather than suffer fools, why can't
we stand up for what we know is best
for everyone? So go ahead... SAY IT.
Even better yet... JUST DO IT!