Thursday, September 24, 2015


Sink or swim
They say when it rains it pours. Oddly
one can sit for eons on end with little
to do until suddenly, you're swamped.
Since returning from a mini-vacation
it seems that for the first time in years
we're in demand. My daily to-do list
is endless. Between social/community
appointments and meetings I'm never
home. Who knew that "retirement"
would be completely overwhelming?
All I want is to run away. Yet why do
I feel the urge to shirk responsibilities
that naturally are mine to own?
Life support
In the old days I had a support team who
literally told me where to go and what to
do. While I'm sure I added some sort of
value, they're the ones who actually did
the work. My right hand pushed, prodded,
and prompted me to do whatever all that
was within my job description. Now I'm
on my own and find myself adrift. While
I try to maximize self motivation. I'm a
mess. Therefore I've forgotten meetings,
missed appointments, or disregarded
important tasks at hand. To be clear -
HELP I've fallen and I can't get up!
Work zone
But let's stop and think for a minute.
Why would anybody think that they
wouldn't have tasks, responsibilities,
and commitments no matter where
they are in life? Simply maintaining
the status quo requires some level of
effort. And anything above or beyond
said base level of existence is going
to push one's workload exponentially
upward. Even if you don't do have to
do the work yourself - delegating and
coordinating those who do is equally
time consuming. So why complain?
Poor baby...
Stop crying! Like it or not just living
is a ton of work. Yet many of us seem
to resent that fact. Childhood may be
a perpetual state of bliss but I'm quite
certain that most babies (could they
chat) would complain about having to
eat, poop, and sleep. Being a human
means operating a living, breathing,
complex facility which periodically
requires maintenance. And even if
I do what's expected, there's more
to be done. Isn't it time to stop our
bellyaching and get on with the job?
At ease
Why do so many of us resent this
natural process of living? No level
of self entitlement frees you from
the basic task of feeding and caring
for that carcass that you call "me."
Nobody is going to do that for you
nor should they be asked to. We're
all required to periodically practice
basic survival skills. Especially as
the only way to get from here to
there is to move your ass. Yet why
do so many lack the willingness to
step up and do the job at hand?
Work force
Throughout Montana there are jobs
to be had. Yet some abhor the idea
of working hard for a living. Work/
life balance has become our mantra.
But does that really entitle everyone
to the luxury of doing nothing? The
only way to get a job done is to just
do it. Nothing is free nor should it
be taken for granted. One earns the
right to climb every rung of life's
ladder. What worries me is that a
generation of malcontents just may
drag all of us down with them.
Down and out
Here in Lewistown locals bemoan
the state of our downtown. Yet few
seem willing to step up and try to
do something about it. Rather most
standby as the infrastructure that
others built fades away. It may be
lovely to hike, hunt, and "chill."
Yet soon there may be nothing to
return home to except the ruins of
a lost civilization. Rather than
complain, isn't it time that we all
got back to work? Nobody can
save us but ourselves...