Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Coming soon
Recently our local paper announced
the impending opening of a new
Tractor Supply Store. This chain
of hardware/farm equipment stores
obviously thinks Lewistown is a
good place to do business in. With
a Farm & Fleet, True Value, and
Ace already in town - competition
should be fierce! Yet few others
seem willing to come and fill our
retail and services void. The fact
is there is money to be made right
here, right now in Lewistown!
Home alone
As of today, our Shopko Hometown is
the only local retailer where one can
purchase home linens. Said assortment
barely spans one aisle and is limited
at best. In other words - Lewistown is
short sheeted. While I accept that cyber
shopping may be my best option, I'd
prefer to buy something locally with
a thread count above one hundred. Our
only alternative is to drive two hours to
buy something to sleep upon. Isn't it
time someone got their sheet together
and opened a home store? WAKE UP!
Foot loose
Around here most wear cowboy
boots, Mucks, athletic shoes, or
flip flops - all available at local
retailers. However if one plans
to step out at a wedding, funeral,
or business affair - they have to
hot foot it on-line or one hundred
and twenty miles away to pair
up with proper footwear. We had
a downtown shoe store that was
profitable until it's owner fell ill.
Isn't it time some opportunist put
their foot down and sold shoes?
Fallen through the crack?
We're lucky to still have one retailer
that sells quality appliances. Our
challenge is finding someone to
fix them. With just two repair gurus
in the area - one is booked months
in advance as the other recuperates
from a stroke. Most of us are more
than willing to pay anything to keep
our household helpers running on
a regular basis. Seems Lewistown
is ready for a quick fix. So if you're
an expert in appliance repair - hurry
up and get here before we crack!
Hung out to dry
Several years ago our dry cleaner
and laundry closed. Since then all
dirty laundry must be dropped off
at the Dollar Store. From there it
is shipped to Great Falls. After at
least a week it's usually ready to
be picked up. Of course you can
pay the local and vocal Tea Party
lady to hang onto your shirt tails.
However she's may just clean
your clock in the process. Why
can't someone clean up our act
and spin to win in Lewistown?!
From here to eternity
Officially there are no movers here in
Central Montana. That means that for
most the only option is loading up the
pickup. Unfortunately not all have a
flatbed nor the muscle to move under
our own power. Happily some of the
gentlemen who work for the furniture
store also moonlight as movers on the
weekend. However there comes a time
when one requires a fully trained and
insured professional. Lewistown isn't
packing it up yet so why not think
out of the box and get a move on!
Hail and farewell
It wasn't always like this. Not so long ago
Lewistown was a regional transportation
hub offering train, plane, and bus service.
In addition one could call for a taxi when
needed. Sadly, in the last decade all forms
of public transportation have exited town
save for the bumpy senior citizen jitney.
It's obvious that our inability to get from
here to there sans a personal conveyance
limits our community's ability to get to
next. Hasn't anyone heard of cash and
carry? Who has a license and the moxie
to take Lewistown for a ride? All aboard!
Ready to go?
In a small town like ours - we might
have a shortage of talent but there's
plenty of opportunity. With a little
patience, ambition, and skill - you
can make a living out here in the
wild west. Why not rustle up some
pioneer spirit and build a new life
rather than fight for your life in the
big city? Here in Lewistown we're
ready, willing, and waiting to give
someone a chance to give us what
we need and want. The question is