Monday, June 8, 2015


Price line
I've been told that what one thinks
is a fair price is based on whatever
basics cost when they first started
to actually pay for them. Hence my
father felt he was being gouged if
a loaf of bread cost more than five
cents. I on the other hand have oft
been a bit flexible in my inflationary
evolution. Thus I've been ready and
fortunately able to climb the ladder
as costs escalated. However for even
a fool there comes a time when this
decadent soul must utter ENOUGH!
Just looking
Recently Frank and I were shopping
for togs. While it seems that apparel
has SHRUNK prices have not. While
I'm certainly no petite jeune garcon -
I don't think that I should be forced
to shop the big and tall department.
Apparently in today's world, the size
written on the label is rarely linked
with reality. Thus sadly it's rare that
this big boy finds something that fits
in my favorite shops. Hence I was
more than surprised when I found a
beautiful sport coat in my "new" size.
Sticker shock
There it hung - a glorious concoction
of silk, linen, and wool. Crafted by
Kiton, it was absolutely perfect and
in theory a done deal. So, I tried it on
and it fit like a glove. In other words -
it hid a multitude of sins. Then... I
glanced at the price tag. Just shy of
it took my breath away. I'll confess
hat I've come close to that amount
but enough is enough! A month later
it's on sale but still - NO THANKS!
Decadent fools click here.
Japanese to go
Nothing, I repeat nothing is worth that
kind of self indulgence. Especially if
one can easily buy something almost
as nice for dramatically less. I adore
Uniqlo. Right now they have a very
attractive and highly affordable blazer
for only $ 69.90. It's available in a
wide array of colors. I own several.
All are made quite beautifully. And
honestly, once you've got it on - no
one will be the wiser. It looks like a
million bucks but doesn't cost that!
Smart Shoppers click here.
Good for nothing
Of course one can certainly trade up.
Who doesn't like more for less? Frank
and I first discovered Mossimo Dutti
in Brussels. An upscale cousin of Zara,
it's elegantly tailored togs are beyond
a value. Incredibly chic, they feature
posh details such as real cuff button
holes, suede under collars, and hand
picked stitching. Remarkably, a blazer
like the one shown here sells for only
$250. And... if you can't shop on Fifth
Avenue, they gladly offer free shipping.
Click here to bag a bargain.
More for less
I'll admit that I'm a label whore. So,
post our shopping excursion I soon
hit eBay. Quickly I found a similar
Kiton blazer that was "NWT" (new
with tags.) Hopefully rather having
fallen off a truck, it exited a jaded
Manhattanite's closet who forgot to
wear it. Suddenly, the brand, style,
fit, plus peace of mind could all be
mine for under $2,000. Yet I had to
resist. But should you be so inclined,
it and other Kitons are available.
Click here before they're gone.
Love for sale
Because I love you I'll let you in on
a little secret. Most if not all of your
favorite brands are available on eBay
for a song. One simply has to know
what one wants. Ultimately I bought
a NWT Belvest sport coat for $400.
Given they retail at slightly under
$3,000 - I know I got rather a good
deal. Upon delivery it was beautiful
and 100% real. Proof that immediate
gratification doesn't have to put one
in the poor house. Money doesn't
grow on trees. Pick and click here!