Saturday, June 20, 2015

Coming round the mountain...

Express Delivery
In most cases I rather abhor the concept
of anticipation. My basic instinct prefers
immediate gratification. When it comes
to most things my motto is "why wait."
While I can't tell you what drives my
instantaneous urge, the fact is one can
satisfy almost any desire whenever and
wherever you want. Between FedEx,
UPS, and Express Mail - someone keeps
knocking on my door on an almost daily
basis. Even if "overnight" actually takes
about two days to get to Lewistown. So
rarely do we have to wait for anything.
Out of nowhere
When it comes to friends I do get
a distinct pleasure out of preparing
for and anticipating their arrival.
Making things special for someone
special is what hospitality truly is.
Yesterday our friends "K" and "J"
arrived from Minneapolis. One can
only wonder what they thought as
they trekked the two hours from
Billings to Lewistown. You see,
theres almost nothing between here
and there. Except Roundup (pop.
1,859) and Grass Range (pop. 110).
That's what friends are for
While said terrain lacks people,
the vast vistas counter said deficit.
For city folks, emptiness is rather
dazzling. It certainly sucked me in
the first time I took that ride. Once
one arrives in Lewistown (pop.
5,901) it feels as if you've found
civilization. Hence my job is to
pamper, indulge, and as needed
anesthetize travelers. And that's
not a problem given I enjoy taking
care of those I love. It's the least
we can do given they came to us!

Glad to know you
The older one gets, the more important
familiarity becomes. While I try to be
friendly to everyone I meet, the truth is
I really don't relish the idea of getting
to know strangers. The art of building
a friendship requires more than a need
to connect. It's actually hard WORK!
Hence I'd rather hang with my peeps
who I've known forever and therefore
know the real me. Plus if they're willing
to travel all the way to no where... I've
got a responsibility to reward them for
their effort. Thus the drinks are on me!
Unfair advantage
"K" and I have been friends for years.
More important we worked side by
side at two different companies. She
knows me better than most and has
never had a problem reigning me in
when necessary. We have a rather
free flow, kid gloves off relationship.
That means we say whatever we
want, whenever we want. And often
it's rather brutal. Fortunately "J" and
Frank buffer us. But when it gets too
rough for even them, they retire to
another room... out of firing range.
The perfect gift
I've been looking forward to their visit
for weeks. And now that it's almost over,
I must admit that I'm already feeling a
bit melancholy. Fortunately additional
friends are scheduled to make the trek.
One thing is certain, I will savor every
minute of anticipation of their arrival.
Equally Frank and I will enjoy sharing
our home and new life with those who
know us better than most. Friendship is
a gift and hence every friendly visit to
our rural Montana home will be almost
as exciting as Christmas morning!