Friday, June 12, 2015

Are you willing to relocate?

Sorry, wrong number
I frequently get calls for executive
recruiters. Their common come on
is that they have the "dream job".
Often said situations are located in
rather unappealing locations. Thus
unless you're a Packers fan, Green
Bay Wisconsin may or may not be
your nirvana. Over the years I've
moved for more than my share of
great opportunities. By and large
all benefited my upward mobility.
So at least in theory, I gained more
than I lost by moving. Well, sort of.
Worth the move?
Looking back I've no idea what life
might have been like if I'd stayed
closer to home. When opportunity
knocked in Chicago - I answered.
In those days when mortgage rates
were at seventeen percent, getting
more for less seemed to be a good
move. However it's doubtful that
we had any concept of how a shift
in location would change how we
actually lived. Blinded by the low
cost of living somewhere else, we
blindly loaded up and relocated.
None of your business
Distancing from one's infrastructure
should not be considered lightly. In
some ways the prospect of leaving
one's past behind to restart anew is
highly appealing. Especially when
the job, title, compensation, perks,
and value for the dollar make it all
seem worthwhile. But once you've
moved into that magnificent manse
in a state that you never thought of
living in... you just might realize
that you have no business other
than doing business to be there.
Step aside
At least you get to go to the office.
Leaving one's better half at home
alone in a strange place isn't the
best recipe for conjugal bliss. It
takes time to learn the aisles of a
new grocer or to find the proper
dry cleaner. But once you figure
out the basics, it's challenging to
find something to do while in the
middle of some god forsaken corn
field. Solitude can be blissful, but
suburban isolation is lonelier than
a cell on death row. It will kill you.
Outer limits
Focusing on earning the bacon can
cause one to lose sight of what's
important. Leaving four children
behind to gain a bigger title plus
clout only weakened my parental
bonds. Dramatically changing the
dynamic with my children, parents,
and roots may have upped my ante -
but in hindsight it hurt more than it
helped. And yet, what choice did
I really have? There were bills to
be paid. So if I couldn't meet my
obligations here... I went there.
Long distance connection
Our cyber world is quite different.
Many companies offer alternative
working relationships. I've been
doing a tad bit of consulting via
the telephone. And honestly, it's
been more than fun to pontificate
in my panties. However most of
my career was spent managing
people hands on. Hence it seems
that any opportunity to truly make
a living long distance is in the end
questionable at best. The question
is... am I willing to relocate again?
Under the whether
As I write today's blog, I'm sitting
under the boughs of our hundred
year old Horse Chestnut tree. In
full bloom, I can hear the hum of
the bees above as they savor it's
blossoms. Who knew that there
would ever come a time in my life
when I could work in a place like
this? After years of bemoaning the
intrusive impact of technology on
my personal life, I figured out that
the only thing out of control was
me. Fact is I could have opted out.
In a state of denial
When your boss calls, e-mails, or texts
24/7 - it's your decision when, where,
and how to respond. If that new job is
far away from those you love, it's your
choice whether to move or stay put.
Obviously in theory, delay or denial
may defer your future career growth.
However is that perception actually
reality? Rather than instantaneously
spew, what would happen if you took
some time to think? Could it be that
people who are happy actually bring
more to the proverbial office party?
Evacuation route
Is giving up all that's important
to you is worth the trade off?
What if you stayed closer to
home? Does chasing dreams
create nightmares? What really
matters? If you haven't already,
I suggest that you stop, look,
and listen. Everything you are,
have, and do is a direct result
of YOUR decisions. So if you
aren't happy, what are going to
do about it? Are you ready to
relocate from here... to there?