Thursday, July 31, 2014

Everything in it's proper place

Old family recipe
My mother felt that one of
the things that separated us
from the beasts was setting
a proper table. Sadly very
few except I seem to share
Ethel's orientation. It's more
than surprising how few are
able to set a table correctly.
It may be a lost art but tell
me, what's the big deal? It's
all quite simple. And once
you know the rules, virtually
fool proof! What's wrong?
On your mark, get set, go
My compulsion with china and
crystal is fairly well known. For
the first time my collections are
under one roof. All I do is mix
and match the goodies that I've
assembled. Given their scope my
options are endless! Recently
"A" asked that I photograph my
tables and share them. Following
are a sampling from the past few
weeks. While busy, we always try
to find the time to dine in style.
So please, BE OUR GUEST!

This table was set for
"T's" birthday.
It was the last formal dinner
at our condo.
Soon everything
was packed and out!

Our first dinner at
The Passion Pit.
We dined in the Sun Room
given the dining room
was off limits until
"T's" mural was completed.

This is a very bad shot
of the first meal Frank's parents
enjoyed at our new home.
Note the construction barrier still in place.
Also, watch for a
repeat performance
of some of these elements
at a dinner to come...

While "T" was here for almost a month,
I treasured our morning coffee tawlk.
Little makes me happier
except maybe...
 my antique blue bird breakfast set.
The milk glass goblets
are in homage to Miss "T."

The first dinner
ever served in our new dining room.
We toasted "T's" talent,
and our new mural!

The next evening
we dined off placemats.
This is my favorite china,
Imperial D'or
by Copeland Spode.

One might think
I've got a bad case of the blues.
Actually I love antique blue transfer ware
and cobalt glass.
What better way to wake up
than to a kitchen breakfast?
Moooooove over!

Frank's cousin "CL" and family
visited from California.
While in town, we celebrated her birthday.
The first guests
to dine in our dining room!

Uncle "T"
also had a birthday.
So, we celebrated a la rouge.
I wonder if anybody
out there get's the connection?

Our first major feast
in honor of Uncle "E" and Cousin "K's"
visit from Oregon. 
I adore the dark green Wedgwood majolica plates!
Look familiar?

I shot this as a shepherd's pie
bubbled in the oven.
Then suddenly,
there was a knock on the back door.
There were our
our dear friends from San Francisco - 
"M" and "R"!
Soon this table
was set for four.

when are you coming
to dinner?