Saturday, July 5, 2014


Gone but not forgotten
It's been two months since we left
Manhattan. Our adjustment to full
time living here in Lewistown has
been almost seamless. Frankly, I've
never been happier. Twenty pounds
have slipped away and I continue
to work on losing more. I no longer
drag my feet because now there's a
spring in my step. My frustration is
that people who know me well are
still incredulous. They're unwilling
to embrace the fact that this city rat
has become a country mouse.
Shakers & movers
While I may be comfortable living
in rural Montana, I can't help but
wonder if our neighbors are equally
as comfortable with two gay men
living next door. Most have lived
all of their lives in this isolated
paradise. Many have never traveled
out of Fergus County let alone the
state of Montana. Such myopia can
lead to a limited state of mind. Can
we ever be embraced as equals not
weirdos? Or is it time to accept that
the odds are against us?
New in town
Whether they like us or not, most
locals seem fascinated by us. That
makes sense given that everything
about us is different. Think of it...
our shoes equal a month's rent.
We've hired most of the town to
help restore the ugliest house in
town. We drive about in Jaguars.
Finally there's the ultimate oddity
given we sleep in the same bed.
However what seems to surprise
everyone is that underneath it all
we're just a couple of nice guys.
Two of a kind
For whatever reason, we are often
referred to as "the boys." Given our
age, demeanor, and decrepitude said
moniker could not be farther from
any semblance of truth. Everybody
seems interested and yet they can't
seem to stop being confused. Since
our full time arrival we've suddenly
discovered that like other minorities,
gay men must ALL LOOK ALIKE!
Otherwise why would most locals
constantly confuse us with the other
gay couple in town? How odd is that?
Odd birds
Out of towners seem equally fascinated
with how we're "surviving" out in the
middle of no where.  Underneath I fear
that many fear we'll end up strung out
on some fence on the edge of town. But
honestly, we've had no issues beyond
procuring good cheese. Most choose to
either love or ignore us and visa versa.
Our challenge is hiring a housekeeper.
The Passion Pit is much too big for two
amateurs to keep up with. All we need
is someone to clean up after us. If only
we had another man around the house!
Odds against us
The fact is we are different. So rather
than fight reality I'm very comfortable
being the odd man out. In theory the
only way to change the world is to
simply live in it. The more people are
exposed to extraordinary things, the
more ordinary they become. Just by
being "us" we may be able to alter
misperceptions. When others realize
that our partnership is no different
from theirs, they may finally question
why we can't be legally married in
Montana. That's how the west is won!