Tuesday, July 8, 2014

auf Wiedersehen

Here today, gone tomorrow
Today we drive my best friend "T"
to Billings to catch a plane home.
Therefore ending her twenty two
day sojourn here in Lewistown.
Staying at our condo, she had her
freedom, own space, and a set of
wheels. And yet, we spent at least
part of each day together. Now she's
leaving and my heart is heavy. After
thirty eight years of togetherness,
we truly are bound at the hip. This
time together has been wonderful
and I don't want it to end!
The missing link
I don't know why but many find it
quite odd that two members of the
opposite sex can be so close yet not
romantically involved. Beyond the
fact that I like boys, that sort of vibe
never has been part of our chemistry.
Rather it's a deep emotional bond.
A connection that truly is unique.
Whether we were siblings, parent
and child, or lovers in a former life
doesn't matter. Our reality is we're
two of a kind, simpatico, linked in
mysterious ways only we understand.
Wake up call
We don't agree on everything. Politically
we're occasionally aligned but often out
of sync. Religiously our faiths are again
quite disparate and yet underneath the
rhetoric fairly similar in perspective.
Such diversity adds depth and color to
our relationship. I still learn something
new from "T" everyday and my hope is
she gains something from knowing me.
One thing is certain, candor is the key
to our success. We're not afraid to state
our opinion whether or not the other likes
it. Isn't that what friends are for?
Decorative accessory
However on things aesthetic, we
rarely disagree. When it comes to
decorating "T" does it her way,
and I do it mine. Yet in the end
we adore the other's outcome.
Years ago as graphic designers
at the same firm, we could both
work on the same layout at the
same time sharing a T Square
(look it up). Years later, we can
seamlessly cook together - no
hassles or bother. That's our time
proven recipe for success!
Devil's advocate
Significant others have come and
gone yet our bond remains stronger
than ever. Fortunately "T" and my
beloved Frank adore each other. It's
almost as if they were separated at
birth. What's odd is that they agree
on the things I disagree with both
of them on. At times it can be two
against one. Yet I never worry given
deep down they both love me. So
I let them prattle on about vitamins
and conspiracies while I eat butter
and watch Bravo. I gotta be me!
For the long haul
It's going to take me a few weeks
to adjust to life without "T" nearby.
We'll chat on the telephone but we
both know I loathe that instrument
of communication. We'll text and
e -mail but neither are as good as
gabbing across the kitchen island.
One thing is certain. She's welcome
here anytime. You see she's not just
a friend, she's FAMILY. The only
difference is we picked each other.
And you never know, she might
just decide to stay here longterm!