Thursday, July 10, 2014


Hit and run
Last night we walked over to
The Onyx where we had a quiet
dinner with a fabulous bottle of
wine. After closing the place,
we strolled back home. It was
a lovely summer evening with
a gentle breeze. As we prepared
to cross Main Street, a car sped
by. The young man driving it
suddenly screamed "FAGGOTS!"
Frankly it was a bit off putting.
Not because it was offensive but
rather because it was so random.
A rose by any other name
Was I afraid? Absolutely not. After
over eight years of living part time
in rural Montana, we have never
experienced such blatant prejudice
before. Therefore I've no intention
of being concerned about such an
isolated incident. Rather I feel a bit
sorry for this misled youth. Our
world has changed so much and
acceptance has spread everywhere
including our tiny town. Therefore
I consider this random slur a subtle
reminder of how blessed we are.
Subliminal seduction
Youth is wasted on the young. In
truth, one can only pity the poor
boy. You see, there's really only
one reason for a young man to do
something like that. Experience
shows that such an utterance is
not driven by ignorance but rather,
fear. Someone felt the need to prove
to his buddies that he's NOT GAY.
Consider this slur nothing more than
a plaintive plea from a man whose
ultimate destination is a gay bar.
Thou dost protest too much.
Clothes make the man
Then again, this all might have been due
to our ensembles. We were both looking
quite dapper. Frank was in his requisite
grey tones looking cool, calm, and quite
collected. Whereas I was wearing bright
red skinny legged jeans with a gorgeous
navy hand knit Inis Meain linen sweater.
On my feet were perfectly polished blue
Bontoni monk straps. It is obvious from
our attire alone that we're not the norm
around these parts. So honestly, why
couldn't that silly man have shouted
"FABULOUS" or... "BRAVO"?!
Secret recipe
When you're different, one must
embrace the curiosity of others.
Frank and I stand out from the
local pack for many more reasons
other than our sexuality. All of
our accoutrements are actually
why we'll never be "one of them."
Back in the days when I was a
married man (to a woman) with
a family, I was just as different.
You see, I've always opted to live
an ordinary life in an extraordinary
manner. I GOTTA BE ME!
Same old
I am who I am and therefore have no plans
of ever changing. Yes, I'll evolve. However
just because there are few locals willing to
set a decent table or polish their silver does
not require that I shift to paper plates. Don't
get me wrong, I'm not a snob. If anybody
takes the time to get to know me, they will
quickly figure out that all I want to be is a
friend. My affection for the better things in
life is not about making others feel in any
way uncomfortable. It's simply all about
indulging my inner diva. Go ahead, peek
under my hood. I'M JUST LIKE YOU.