Monday, July 14, 2014

You CAN go home...

Round trip
When we're young we think we've
got all the time in the world. The
frenzy of simply surviving shifts
our focus away from extended kin.
Most of my youth was focused on
raising our kids, building a career,
and barely keeping ahead. Sadly
even during the good times, it was
tough to find time to make a call
or mail a card. Let alone whenever
life got tough. No wonder Mother
felt forgotten because often she was.
Now that I have the time, she's gone.
Family reunion
One of the benefits of age is
clarity. After many years of
hard knocks anyone smart
figures life out. When we're
finally able to stop and catch
our breath we realize what's
important. Often the things
that we ran away from woo
us back into the fold. What
once seemed dull becomes
oddly alluring. Could it be
that the simple things in life
are what truly matter?
While you were out
Frank's Uncle "T" has been coming
back to town the last few summers
for an extended stay. I'm certain he
cherishes communing with his ninety
six year old brother. However "T"
equally revels in the arcadian aspects
of his rural roots. With his wife "W"
he roams the range fishing, chatting,
and exploring his past, present, and
future. We treasure this opportunity
to get to know them better. Times
like these reinforce that we truly are
family. Home is where the heart is.
Gather together
All summer more Uncles, Aunts,
and cousins from both sides will
visit. Given we live in a beautiful
place (especially during summer)
it's a dream vacation destination.
But that's not the reason for their
respite. They're here to commune
with the people and places that
they're naturally connected with.
Times like these create memories
that can last generations. A visit
back home can only be likened
to taking the trip of a lifetime!
For the long haul
Sometimes the mountain has to
go to Mohammed. Distance can
isolate so I try to visit my kids
annually. This August I'll be in
Chicago to spend time with my
youngest daughter. "M" has built
a life of her own and it's time to
see and experience her world.
I'm proud of the woman she has
become. Now that I'm "retired,"
I'm able to spend quality time
with those I love. Plus I'll meet
her beau and check him out!
Down memory lane
Now that we have a lovely new home,
I want to share it with those I love. My
eldest daughter "E" is finding some time
to come out and visit. She's never been
here plus I'm eager to show my Grand
Daughter "M" the great state of Montana.
This part of my life has never been a part
of theirs. My hope is that together we can
create some new memories to cherish.
Life is short. The little girl I tried my
best to raise well is now the amazing
mother of a beautiful young lady. Please
hurry "home" to visit G.G. soon girls!
Get 'em while they last
Too much of a good thing can
be exhausting. I must admit that
the frenzy of summer visits and
activities can be overwhelming.
That's why I've decided to take
one day at a time and do my best
to savor every minute. You never
know what's going to happen next.
Here today - gone tomorrow! So
rather than sit at home alone I'm
going to share my world. It's about
time I celebrated life and what better
way to do it than with those we love!