Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Boy can he can dish it out!

Something's cooking
Now that the dust has settled (literally)
I'm starting to cook again. It's not like
I totally stopped prior. However my
culinary indulgences were occasional
at best. While working full time I just
didn't have the energy to cook nightly.
Therefore an ever expanding repertoire
of restaurants fed my hungry soul. The
downside of was that said indulgences
also fueled an ever expanding waistline.
So now that I'm back among the living,
it's time to get cooking and make dinner.
And nothing could make me happier!
Soothe sayer
For many reasons I get great pleasure
from preparing and serving an evening
repast. While I'm sure this period of
joyous novelty will fade, for now I'm
happy as a lark puttering about my new
kitchen. Planning my menu, procuring
the ingredients, and finally coordinating
my schedule around it's preparation in
some way gives me a greater purpose.
While I'm certainly not saving souls,
I am feeding them. And if it only takes
a few hours of hard work to satisfy my
savage breast then... it's all worth while.
Down and dirty
I'm keeping it simple. No elaborate
recipes just fresh, organic (when
possible) food classically prepared.
Frank's garden is starting to yield
it's harvest and we're enjoying fresh
salad greens and spinach. Last night
I cooked the last of his carrots from
LAST year. They tasted almost as
good as the day they were picked!
The secret is to NOT wash them.
Instead we take off the tops and then
store them exactly as they come out
of the earth. A year later... YUM!
Go ahead, get fresh
Recently I made my first pie since
freedom. Organic strawberries and
rhubarb that had been picked that
morning joined to create a perfect
combination. I crafted a crust out of
home made lard that nephew "J's"
girlfriend "J" created. Once baked
I must admit it was beyond divine.
After we finished our meal "T" said
"Now that's how food used to taste."
There is a difference between fresh
versus processed. Isn't it time that
we all got back to basics?
The ultimate set up
Of course I enjoy setting the table
each evening. Now with all of my
china at my fingertips I can change
it up. It's important to use all of your
things and not display them as if
one's home were a museum. Silver,
porcelain, and crystal need to come
out of the closet as often as possible.
Add a bit of candlelight and fresh
posies and voila - nirvana! While
we live in the boonies, we dine as if
we're on Park Avenue. Imagine Out
of Africa crossed with Deliverance!
Time to come clean
The only part that I don't adore
is cleaning up. Especially after
a cocktail and several glasses of
wine. I try to clean up as I go so
that the kitchen isn't a disaster
area. Sadly most of my tabletop
treasures require hand washing.
So most evenings I stack and let
them sit. Nothing is as sobering
as waking up to the prior night's
debris. Yet I can't help but be
happy as I stand before the sink
in my fabulous new kitchen!
Like manna from heaven
God gives us gifts. It's simply up to
us to discover them. My revelation
is the simple fact that often the little
things give us the greatest joy. Isn't
it sad that it took until now for me
to figure that out?! One can only
learn from their mistakes. Hence
I'm doing my damnedest to enjoy
my newfound joy. Is there any way
you can slow down? Can't you step
back, eliminate the noise, and sit
down to a home cooked meal?
NOTHING is more satisfying!