Saturday, July 12, 2014


Time for a change?
Having worked through my shift from
Manhattan to Montana, I can't help but
wonder if the new me is incredibly dull.
Having left the asphalt jungle, I can no
longer recount tales of the city. Instead
it's all about arcadian bliss. So I must
stop and ask myself whether sharing
the joy of making one's own chicken
stock is even slightly engaging to you.
While solitude certainly soothes me,
my interests have shifted from urbane
to mundane. And while I'm more than
happy... I have to ask... are you?
Did you forget?
We all move on. Given I've moved to
the middle of no where, it makes sense
that slowly your e-mails, notes, calls,
and visits will start to taper off. Let's
also agree that I haven't been the best
of friends either. When I stealthily left
Manhattan I purposefully did NOT say
goodbye to many dear friends. For many
reasons I simply couldn't. Now that I'm
gone, I'm fairly certain that for many of
you I've moved from speed dial to just
a name on your Christmas card list.
Out of sight... out of mind.
Who cares?
The truth is that friendship is a gift
and not an obligation. Yet while
I don't know all of my dear readers
personally, I do feel an odd sort of
bond. After all I'm with many of
you during your quiet time of the
day. What worries me is that by
expounding on my simple life
what was once irreverent is now
irrelevant. A true friend would tell
me if I was a dullard. The last thing
I want is to be an automatic delete
from your in box. What can I do?
What matters?
I have but one request. Please let me
know what will make you happy. My
friend "A" often provides fodder for
my meanderings. Just recently she
suggested that I chronicle my table
settings for a few weeks. So, I'm in
the process of doing just that. You
all seem to love Passion Pit updates
so as soon as the curtains are in...
we're on. Otherwise I have little to
no idea what interests you. Rather
than rely on my own fancy, let's make
this blog a joint effort. Talk to me!