Sunday, July 20, 2014

7th Day Surprise - Morning Delight

A few of my favorite things...

There's nothing like the solitude of your first cup of morning coffee.
As I sit and sip,
I'm surrounded by things that I love.
All reminders of just how fortunate I truly am...
Happy Sunday!

The first image provides a first glimpse of the finished Passion Pit.
This "enfilade" runs from the living room
through the stair hall to the dining room.

Shown above is our first rose of the summer.
A surprise picked on our property,
it's fragrance was amazing!

How does your garden grow?

I bought these sconces
for next to nothing on ebay
many years ago.
Until recently they sat in a box hidden in our storage locker.
Now they look perfect
on either side of our front door.

Proof that treasures await
for those who are willing to hunt...

I just adore a dining room.
While rambling, multi-purpose spaces
have become de rigueur, 
I savor the quiet calm of an empty room
just waiting to be used.

Company's coming...
is it you?

All I want is a dog.
Sadly to date timing hasn't been right.
Instead I own the perfect pet.
Given to me years ago
by a beloved former colleague,
curiosity seems to have gotten the best of him.
Every time I walk by I smile.

Isn't that what pets are for?

While I'm ashamed to admit it, 
I'm secretly addicted to
miniature white carnations.
Not only is their peppery scent alluring...
they last FOREVER!

Even the ordinary
can be extraordinary!

Frank's garden is just starting to produce.
His garlic scapes
are not only beautiful sitting in our kitchen window,
once pureed they make the most amazing pesto!
Summer is almost half so over go ahead,


My beloved
is truly one of the best gift givers ever.
His thoughtful gestures of affection
are among my most cherished possessions.
This rock crystal ashtray
truly makes a statement.

I don't smoke but wow... it's smokin'!

My best friend "T"
gave us this alabaster and silver fixture.
Purchased on her London honeymoon
in the eighties,
I've always admired it
but never imagined it could be mine.

Dreams do come true!

Frank has impeccable taste
as shown in this charming antique
French mercury glass wine bottle.
Another perfect gift
from my perfect partner.

I love it...
Almost as much as I love him!

Sometimes what's old suddenly seems new.
are one of the few survivors
in our new back yard.
Their old fashioned charm
still engages.

Don't you wonder
who first planted them
and when?

has the most amazing wild flowers.
This lily randomly grows
along the banks of our nearby trail.
Imagine something so pretty
being "wild."

Isn't life amazing?
It's all out there just
waiting to be discovered!