Tuesday, July 15, 2014

From both sides now

Less is more
After sixteen months of focusing
on the inside, work has started on
the exterior. Last week our stellar
team removed an awful appendage
from the front of The Passion Pit.
Now almost anybody walking by
can see the outer beauty of what
was once considered "the ugliest
house in Lewistown!" We've put
a lot of time, money, and research
into this restoration. But now it's
no longer a dream in our heads.
It's reality and the end is near!

Get in line
We're replacing our eyesore with
a lovely new pergola inspired front
porch. What's most surprising is
that we've opted to use durable
faux stone columns that actually
appear remarkably authentic. I'm
sure that most of you are in shock
over the fact that we're considering
something unnatural. However if
you've lived through one of our
brutal winters, you'll realize that
Montana is the land of extremes.
Hence our extreme makeover!

Model House
That said, finding faux stuff that looks
like the real McCoy ain't easy. Not a
day goes by I'm not on the internet
hunting for something. All of these
decisions can make one a bit crazy.
For the first time in my life, I'm over
picking. Couldn't somebody else just
find the perfect item for me? And yet
it's all worthwhile. Honestly I'm more
than surprised at what one can find in
the digital arena. The world and it's
vast resources are all ready to ship to
Montana. Imagine life without google!

So faux, so good
While we strive to be as historically
accurate as possible, if you think it's
real but it's not... who cares? High
above our house sit two small eaves
nestled in the roof. Both are sheathed
in cedar shakes as per the 1917 blue
print specifications. Rotten, brittle,
and old (like me) they're desperately
in need of replacement. Hence my
search for the best looking vinyl
shakes. I think I've found them and
honestly, who among you dares to
say they (right) don't look real?!

If walls could talk
One of the things we love most about
urban living are the intimate outdoor
spaces. There's nothing like an enclosed
garden as we learned from Manhattan,
Charleston (South Carolina), German
Village (Columbus Ohio), and Highland
Park (Dallas Texas). While we live in
Big Sky Country, our in-town home is
not out on the range. Therefore we plan
to fence in our yard so that the deer and
other unwanted visitors stay out. We've
selected PVC (yes, plastic) fencing for
our outer sanctum. Please fence me in!

Open and shut case
In some cases, close has to be enough. One
must remember that we're restoring a two
car garage built to house a pair of Model
T's! The two door openings are not wide
enough therefore we must expand them
into one wide expanse. Sadly almost none
of the wood door manufacturers are willing
to fabricate for that width. Therefore we're
installing the jazziest steel doors with added
wood components. They're almost an exact
match and can survive our subzero winters!
Now on to pavers for the drive way...