Monday, April 5, 2021


I believe in miracles
I'm the first person to admit that I believe in
divine intervention. There have been many
times in my life when "miracles" occurred.
Whether one attributes said phenomena to
a higher being, street smarts, or just luck is
a matter of opinion. This morning I get my
second round of what I consider a modern
miracle of science - the Covid 19 vaccination.
Redemption from a formidable viral foe that
few thought would arrive so quickly. Proof
in my mind that somebody up there is pulling
the strings. Or rather, empowering our best
and smartest to make life better for all.
Where is God in all of this?
Honestly, I can't comprehend how anybody
can't see God's hand in all of this. However
per researches almost fifty percent of white
American evangelicals are anti-vaccination.
Their excuses ranging from "baby bits" are
part of said serum to micro chips that make
people gay being pumped into veins. Even
weirder - that God has chosen them alone
to be the exception to the rule. Speaking to
them directly via some spiritual revelation
only available to them. Which leads me to
the question - if offered the salvation of a
Coronavirus vaccine, what would Jesus do?
For Christ's sake...
One thing is certain. Per the Bible and all
Christian dogma Jesus Christ was totally
human. Hence why would he suggest that
his followers do something that could hurt
them? Let's assume that God (Jesus) sent
a viral scourge to teach us a lesson. And
therefore we should take our medicine? Or
to trust science. Everything I know about
the great teacher is that he rarely told us
what to do. He led by example. Showing
us the path of righteousness. Which for me
is going straight to the Fairgrounds to be
inoculated this morning. THANK GOD!