Monday, April 26, 2021


Steak holder's meeting
Last night I hosted my funeral. Said dream
was held where else but a steak house. An
spectral amalgam of all the joints I've loved
throughout life. Obviously about to end it
all - I was wheeled up to the end of a long
table. There laying before was my last meal.
A Manhattan. Raw oysters. Wedge salad.
RARE filet. Creamed spinach. And vanilla
ice cream. Around me all sorts of folks made
sure things went smoothly. An endless line
of people jockeyed for my attention. As I
worried I might miss seeing someone very
special to me before I was literally finished.
The more the merrier
Said night vision was a long, drawn out affair.
With all of the convoluted contradictions that
dreams are made of. However one thing was
clear. Each and every person at said soiree
needs to be there. Many of whom my nearest
and dearest had never met. Nor had any idea
of their importance. Yet those folks were who
I truly appreciated seeing. All because minor
connections and relationships are what make
life worth living. Random yet intimate gifts of
candor, humor, and compassion. Which at the
time seem unimportant. When in fact they make
you better for the rest of your life.
Golden opportunity
Ultimately I awoke with a smile on my face and
in my heart. Happy to be alive. And even more
thankful for the message of said vision. Which
is to live by the golden rule and hence reap its
rewards. Obviously in the end some folks will
celebrate my demise. Angry or bitter over errors
in judgement, omissions, or just plain stupidity.
However my hope is that my dream comes true.
And that all of you who've made my life better
realize just that. Knowing your kindness, love,
and generosity made a difference. For which
I am eternally grateful. So much thanks and
remember that you're on my final dinner list!