Thursday, April 29, 2021


All clear
Last night we did something unusual. Post
over twelve months of isolation we went to
a cocktail party. Where we drank, nibbled,
and schmoozed sans masks all night. With
friends and neighbors of like minds. Now
don't assume that we've crossed over to the
other side. Joining those freedom fighters
who are hell bent on breathing free. Rather
our fellow imbibers were fully vaccinated
like us. Hence our ability to throw caution
to the wind, reconnect, and return to normal.
The end result being one of the most pleasant
evenings we've had in a long time. 
Too little, too soon
It's hard to believe how much our lives have
changed during the Coronavirus crisis. And
while some of us are safe - others are NOT.
My eldest lives in Michigan. Where the two
alternative strains are wreaking havoc To
a point where she has personal connections
with three people currently on respirators.
Thus while some of us were sipping martinis
others continue to fight for their lives. Hence
even as the CDC relaxes it's guidelines for
those vaccinated we cannot assume this crisis
is over. Especially given many seem reluctant
to give the vaccine a shot. And save their lives.
Truth or consequences
Rumors aside we did not spent the past year
battling a hoax. As of now five hundred and
seventy four Americans have succumbed to
Covid 19. That's a daunting number. Higher
than all deaths in our last three major wars -
World War II, Korea, Viet Nam combined. 
Yet many continue to cry"fake news." Using
any excuse not to protect themselves or others.
Including claims that vaccines will make you
sick, gay, or are worse. All of which at least
to me seems terribly un-American. We each
have a responsibility to do our part. So why
not give it a shot? I'll drink to that!