Tuesday, April 6, 2021


Out and about

A lot has been said recently about our "cance
culture".  In that once some one has done, said,
or suggested the wrong thing they are "written
off". A phenomena that is nothing new. From
the beginning of time people have agreed to
disagree and subsequently parted ways. Which
is in essence what divorce is all about. A split
 that disconnects and separates. And in doing 
so, rendering some form of judgement of the
other party involved. Hence I find it more than
odd that many who lean right are now decrying
a cultural crisis. Deeming those whomever begs
to disagree some leftist liberal libertine.
Telling it like it is

Disconnection has always been a part of being
human. For many reasons we sever links. Like
families who disown children simply because
they're gay. Right or wrong such schisms are
fairly abnormal phenomena. And isn't that in
essence what  the silent majority is all about?
A select group sharing common ground. And
unwilling tto give an inch to the opposition.
The only difference being that now another
side is stepping up, speaking out, and cutting
off. Exposing wrongs that all too long were
politely disregarded, ignored, and validated.
So when did turnabout become unfair play?!
Po-tate-toe or po-tahhh-toe

Good or bad has always to some extent been
a matter of opinion. Which is why some opt
to not suffer those they deem fools. Choosing
to not waste our time with folks who simply
won't give us the time of day. Aligning with
those we have a kinship with. If for no other
reason than to gain traction and accomplish
something for the better. Hasn't limiting one's
sphere of influence, circle of friends, and/or 
partners in crime long been the norm? Across
cultural, social, and moral lines. So whether
one calls such lines of demarcation "cancel"
or not - it's neither blue nor new.