Tuesday, April 20, 2021


Open or shut case?
Most of America and much of the world awaits
the verdict in Derek Chauvin's trial. Relying on
twelve of our peers to decide on one man's guilt
or innocence. However said decision will be of
historic consequence no matter the outcome. By
either righting racism's wrongs or... protecting
its legacy. While in theory all are innocent until
proven guilty, George Floyd's death exposed in
horror the dehumanization of endemic racism. 
Thus his death is more than horribly disturbing.
It's a harsh reminder that the cancer of hate, 
prejudice, and derision poisons our democracy.
Therefore we are all guilty by association.
Human decency
Throughout my life I've found that the worst
of times inevitably brings us to a better place.
Hence while I'm certain that our racial rift is
far from resolved - I'm cautiously optimistic.
Now that the worst in us has been exposed
for all to see - there is no escaping it. Derek
Chauvin obviously considered George Floyd
nothing more than a criminal nuisance. The
human equivalent of vermin that needed to
be exterminated. Whereas since his death -
Americans now know George Floyd for the
man he was. All too human as he constantly
battled against his enemy -  racial injustice. 
Free speech
Who knows what Derek Chauvin thought as
he snuffed the life out of Mr. Floyd. Sadly
it's apparent that he felt that his job was to
eradicate a nuisance. Rather than subdue an
innocent until proven guilty human being.
Which in my opinion proves he is guilty of
crimes against humanity. Whatever the final
verdict in this case - America cannot escape
our collective judgement day. Now that our
racism has been exposed it must end. If for
no other reason that in doing so we can all
deliver on the original American dream that
ALL are created EQUAL.